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A message from Gary Rozynski, Station Manager - WIN Television Toowoomba


This was a headline in the Toowoomba Chronicle announcing the beginning of DDQ Channel 10.

"The station will began telecasting at 6 O'clock this Friday, thousands of people in the Northern and Central Downs and the South Burnett will be seeing television in their homes for the first time" the paper went on to say.

Friday the 13th July 1962! A date and event that has effected so many people's lives, especially all of you are reading this!

DDQ Channel 10, or DDQ Channel 10 and SDQ Channel 4, 10.4.5, 10.4.5a, Vision TV, Star Television and now WIN Television are the many names that the station has had over the years.

All of us who have worked at Video Avenue Mt Lofty at some time or other, must be very grateful for the foresight and the courage of the original board of directors of DDQ Channel 10 plus of course the courage of the original shareholders, that made the station become a reality.

We must pay tribute to the original staff, especially the engineers for their skill and hard work, starting a television station from the ground up must have been a daunting task!

We must be extremely grateful and pay tribute because without them we would not have been able to start or further our careers in this wonderful industry,

The "old" station up on the hill at Mt Lofty has been a training ground for thousands of people, so many people have gone on to bigger or better things or just gone [some of us are still here].

I am sure we all have many, many great memories [and some sad] of working at this station, most of our memories are of work mates or things work mates did!!

Speaking of workmates , we must pause to remember those who are unfortunately no longer with us.......!

One staff member who I frequently pause to remember is the legendary Harry Bell,

There is many a very cold winter morning that I turn the corner at the props bay loading platform and see Harry with see grey apron on and of course in shorts!! , Harry was made of good stuff!

Harry Bell

The station has had to face many challenges over the years obviously financial challenges in the early years, changes of ownership, the major staff restructuring in September 1990, aggregation and now the effects of network ownership.

But no matter what the name or who owns us or technology changes, the "strong spirit" that existed at Video Avenue Mt Lofty back in 1962 will always continue to exist, as will the little old lady who haunts us!