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Work History:
Senior Technician – ex TCN 9 Sydney – studio and transmitter duties. One of the three original senior technicians who played a major part in installing all equipment at the studio and transmitter sites. Once the station went to air, the three senior technicians were responsible for the technical support and maintenance of all equipmnet at both sites.
Denis was at the audio console for the Opening Night program. He had spent two days and nights without sleep getting the audio system up and runningt for this occasion. After that night, he slept for tweny four hours straight. (Well almost!)
Later became special equipment constructor and maintenance technician at studio – returned to Sydney for family reasons after about six years, to become involved in his father’s radio and cabinet manufacturing business. (A disaster.)
He was also booth announcer when regular the announcer was not available.
Was to have taken over as Engineer in Charge SDQ 4, but this arrangement was not proceeded with, as the DDQ 10 board members decided to have the transmitter installed in the Telecom transmitter building, and telecom took over the running and maintenance of the transmitter facility. (To reduce costs.)
Married a local girl during this time in Toowoomba. His wife, Judith, (nee Smallhorn,) died in Sydney, at an early age after moving to Sydney, leaving behind a yound son, David, who had been born at the Toowoomba General Hospital.
Denis probably has the only collection of photos of installation and construction of the DDQ10 studio and transmitter facilities. These he had taken whilst installing equipment at both sites.
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