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Work History:
1989 - 1998 Started off in the promotions department with John Hartogh until aggregation happened and then got absorbed into the production department proper. Cameraman/editor/director I had the dubious honor of having to wear all these hats as many did in regional television at the time.
Left the then WIN TV to go and seek my fortune in London (still looking for it by the way) where i freelanced as a news cameraman, Had to cover most of the big conflicts (including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq) between 1998 and 2006. In 2006 I joined CBS News (the American not Canadian broadcaster) and have been with them for the past 6 years (you may of seen some of my work on Ch 10 Aus (partners) with my correspondent at the time Charlie D’Agata). But have just resigned and am going freelance again. Unless someone out there has a better offer????
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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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