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Work History:
One of the original team at DDQ Channel Ten. Joined the station June 18,1962 as receptionist and assistant to accounts manager and pay master. Her first job. Looking back, she says "these were exciting, fun days with a great team who loved what they were doing. We were all new to Television.   Heady,exciting, pioneering times that will always have a special place in my life.
Some workmates remain very close friends today. We worked hard, laughed a lot, had many great tennis nights.  I guess when you love what you are doing, there is always enough energy".
At 4pm Jan would move from her accounts desk to the news room to type the evening news scripts. She would share this role with her close friend Roslyn Walters. The girls would alternate weekends for news duties often working seven days a week.
Jan recalls, on her first day's work an apprehensive young man reporting for his first day on the job. Cadet reporter Ian Leslie.
"I was nervous too but I wasn't going to show it. Who would you like to see I asked? The news editor, Graham Young, he replied. Well just take a seat.....Fours years later we married, the beginning of a wonderful partnership that's lasted 46 years".
Jan(nee Penhaligon) was born on the Darling Downs. Her father had returned from war service in New Guinea and took up farming on a property near Allora. 
Jan went to PGC girls college Warwick and  graduated with letters. A Music A, LTCL.(London Trinity College London). On moving to Toowoomba she took up the position as accompanist for the Toowoomba Choral Society. Studying under legendry Mary Childs.
Competing in Eisteddfods against another Toowoomba music talent, Geoffrey Saba who went on to become a world renowned concert pianist. When Channel Ten broadcast its first musical special, Jan performed under Director Keith Paton.
It was at that time Jan was faced with the toughest decision of her working life. Pursue her music and embark on a career as a concert pianist or continue in television. She stayed with Ten, got married and became a Mum. 

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