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Commenced work at DDQ10 on July 1st 1964 as Despatch Clerk and trainee cameraman.Progressed to News Cameraman (working with Ian Leslie,Bob Hargreaves ,Robert Pounds and Brendan Ward).Next move was to On Air Presentation,followed some years later with a shift to  Sales as Commercial Production Cameraman/Editor. During this time I married Joan Andrews,who worked in the Accounts/Traffic departments. I then became Production Manager. I left the company in July 1986 and moved to QTQ9 as a Producer/Director ,directing Childrens Programmes (Debbie Turner),producing/directing commercials,corporate functions and video presentations. In 1996 I became Operations Supervisor. In  July 2007 I left QTQ 9 and am now working at the QLD Performing Arts Complex (on a casual basis) as Duty Manager/Main Foyer Commissionaire. Still happily married with two daughters,Jodie (married)and Stacey,and two cute grandsons.
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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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