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Work History:
Sports Journalist. My stay at DDQ was only brif but I learned a lot and it launched my career in the media. I left in 1987 to take up a sport reporter's job at Seven Brisbane. I became the AFL boundary rider for the network coverage, did feature reporting on Sportsworld, News and ended up doing back up News & Sport presenting. That led to an opportunity at the Ten Network in 1996. I replaced Fordo as Sport Producer and presenter as well as NBL host/commentator until being promoted to news co-anchor in 2004. It's a great job that has taken me to many great sporting events including AFL Grand Finals, Olympic & Commonwealth Games. Since DDQ I have also been the Melbourne Age newspaper's AFL writer, penned feature stories for several magazines, hosted plenty of radio sport segments, done some corporate media training, voice overs and a lot of MC work. I even got to call Origin the past two years for Radio maroon! Currently I'm celebrating 25 years in the caper! I'm still co-anchor of Ten News Qld and call AFL for Triple M as well as managing some corporate social media privately. Thanks DDQ for setting me off on this wonderful journey! It's been a wonderful breeding launching pad for many in the industry. As fate would have it, I actually sit next to another DDQ Bill - Bill Walker - he's the Ten Qld Sport producer who replaced me!   Have a great get together everyone - Cheers & beers!!!
Reunion Party
I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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