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Work History:
Production Manager, Director, Presenter, News reader. Joined DDQ in late 1984 as Production Manager, left in February 1991 after Paul Keating decided to decimate the regional television industry. Work included news reading, editing, camera work, producing and voice work. Last main job at the station was producing and presenting "MidWeek Live", a one hour live magazine style program on a Wednesday at 11am, with the assistance of the lovely Michelle Schneider. The late great Harry Bell was a tower of strength and support during that season in 1990.
After aggregation, my wife Jan and I ran a video and TV production business based in Toowoomba. Work included freelance shooting for the ABC and in 2001 Jan and I moved to Brisbane and I started working full-time with the ABC as an Avid editor and cameraman.
Ten years ago I was sent on my first international ABC news assignment to Bali after the first bombing and I've been travelling ever since for news, Australian Story, Foreign Correspondent, Landline and 7.30. Currently shooting Landline with presenter and reporter Pip Courtney, based in Brisbane.
Married to Jan, and we have three sons and five grandchildren. Living at Macgregor in Brisbane.
Not retiring any time soon.
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