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Work History:
Commenced in 1964 as a trainee technician  working with Wally Biggs.   Studied by correspondence through AWA and obtained the Broadcast Station Operator’s Certificate (‘66) and Television Station Operator’s Certificate (‘68).  In mid-1967 moved to the television station at Wagga Wagga as senior tech, then in mid-1968 to Coff’s Harbour in the same role.  In 1969 moved to the Space Tracking station near Cooby Dam as senior digital technician.  Involved in experimentation exercises that were used to define many of the engineering parameters required for modern day space communications.  Moved to Canberra to work at Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station and was involved in all the lunar landings, the Skylab project, joint US-Soviet manned flight and several unmanned space flights.  This environment led to my interest in computers and I taught myself to write computer programs.  Married in 1970 and commenced part-time studies in Canberra in 1976,where our first son was born. Spent a  one-month study trip to Cape Canaveral/Kennedy, Florida in ‘76 then moved into the Aus Defence Department late 1977 in computer related activities. Our second son was born in 1978. Obtained a Computing degree in 1980 and in 1981 went to work for Telecom in the computing division. Retired from Telstra in 2003 and, as a single man again, commenced all those interesting activities that only retired people get the chance to do.  
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