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After working 3-and-a-half years with The (Tmba) Chronicle, I started my TV career as a reporter/producer/COS/news presenter with WIN News in 1997. Employed as a reporter/weather presenter by 7 News (Maroochydore) in 2000. Began working freelance (news reporting, copy writing, PR, documentary writing, media training, field producing, corporate video production, voice-over, etc) in 2004 - main clients included 7 News (Brisbane), Caloundra City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Toowoomba City Council, ABC News (Brisbane), etc. Also worked full-time contracts with the ABC (TV & radio news plus Stateline) in between. Moved to Los Angeles in 2010 & continued freelance reporting and field producing for all Australian TV networks. Field producer for The 7PM Project and private video productions in LA. Journalism lecturer at the USQ (Tmba & Springfield) and 7 News reporting again in 2011. Currently on a short-term contract with Qld Health (senior media advisor).
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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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