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Tape Op, Cameraman
30 years down the track and I still remember the happy funny times spent while learning the trade... Tapes and the ACR jamming ,Harry bell with a hang over cure another beer, trying to get around editing ....still can’t . low flying to Gundy in the Sigma with Mick Erbacher Playing indoor cricket with Steve Mick Jack and even Pat had a game or two that was Gold and would never foreget  the girls in traffic.Trying to keep a straigh face while shooting with the Kids show while Wasser was doing his dance steps ...those were the days..Gold Gold DDQ.  These days I am slogging it out in Brisbane at QTQ9 now that’s another story ....that can be shared at the reunion  regards Ollie
Reunion Party
I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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