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Work History:
I have the dubious honour of having worked ‘on the hill’ six times since 1971. I started as despatch boy at DDQ straight out of school. It was Ian Leslie who gave me the job after I represented St Mary’s College in Dalby on ‘Make The Grade’. I wrote to Ian after the show expressing an interest in working in television. I eventually became a film cameraman and film processor - mainly news but a little bit of production work.  Then I took a detour into radio for thirteen years returning to 10-4-5a in the mid eighties as a copywriter which kind of morphed into a commercial producer over time. Every little while I’d get itchy feet and go off and do something else and then return to the hill for a bit. I have great memories of my time at the station and really value the relationships I developed over the years. I especially enjoyed those times in the mid-eighties (pre-Coffs and aggregation). 
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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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