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Work History:
Chief Engineer – second one – ex TCN 9
Noel Hill was appointed to the position of Chief Engineer, after Stan Owen retired. Noel Hill was also from TCN 9 Sydney, where he had been a senior technician within the Transmitter Section of Engineering.
Noel Hill and his family moved to Toowoomba and he remained in this position for several years. His passion was flying and on occasions would take staff members up with him.
Noel Hill had the responsibility of changing DDQ 10 to colour transmission, and the installation of SDQ 4 at Stanthorpe at an earlier time.
Note from Tom Mayze - Hadn't Noel left by the time of conversion to colour? I think Frank Belfour was Chief Engineer by then.
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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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