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Work History:
Since DDQ I have travelled the country a fair bit.   I went from DDQ to Video House in Melbourne. 
That only lasted a few months when I left to go to NEC. I was doing factory level support on Transmitters and EFLEX 
 For NEC until I was sent to WA to manage the GWN RCTS project in 1985.   I left NEC in 1990 to work for Telecom 
Broadcast in Dalby.   I came back to Toowoomba in 1998 to work at USQ  in the AV section of the then DEC. 

I now work as a Radar Engineer for Airservices Australia at Brisbane Airport.  I still live in Toowoomba and work in Brisbane with a combination of driving and Telecommuting.   I also spend a bit of time traveling to site 

I have been looking forward to the reunion but work has other ideas sending me to Perth for September and October for a new radar project. 

Have fun on the 29th. 
Reunion Party
I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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