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Cameraman, Editor, Director, Audio Op, Tape Op, Co-Ord, Evening Tech, OB Tech.  Started 20 Jan '75 after passing a gruelling process of entry. Leon Adams, the national sales rep, who was my parents neighbour, told me about a job opening. I was thinking radio as a career, but Leon said "think of radio with pictures, much better". I was convinced, he wrote my job application for me to copy, I delivered it immediately to the station, thanks for the lift mum, well I was only 16. 30 minutes later a phone call inviting me straight up for an interview. Paul Erbacher's question "So you want to work in television?"  I said "yes" and that was it. Paul did ask another question "When do you want to start?" I replied "now" but it was the following Monday. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, I was rapt. My mum helped in a massive way, when I was on late shift, she'd drive me up to the station, leave the car with me, and walk home. I then later drove home, 16, no licence, my years of driving on a property seemed to justify this. DDQ was the best place to start in television, in black & white, soon colour. My sincere thanks to all that I worked with. I headed down to Melbourne in May'77 to commence working at Armstrong Audio-Video (AAV). Rob Stumpf and Ron Richards also did the same, but there was no planning amongst us, the departure dates from DDQ were staggered.  I later worked for HSV7 in Melbourne, mainly on CopShop and Skyways. Thinking Melbourne was a tad cool and crowded, Jan '81 saw me back at DDQ. All good but I stayed for only 18 months and returned back to Melbourne on the offer of dollars.  First editing and freelance OB work but then onto management which included heading a post company for five years. '95 I shifted to Sydney, working as a product manager for Sony. Continued working freelance plus broadcast equipment sales. Jan '09 commenced with the Television Technical Operators College (TTOC) as a tutor. I still do this today with my most recent assignment being in Malaysia. I left Sydney in April '11, shifting to Darwin to work at Channel 9 (NTD8) in their production department, that's where I am now. Well not quite, I'll be in Toowoomba on the 29th!!
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