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Promotions, Sales, Presenter,News and Executive Secretary,Receptionist,Co Producer Midweek Live with Craig Berky Berkman!!

I started at Vision TV in 1987 as a casual employee, being placed mostly in Copy department, News, Sales, Reception.  My casual job turned into being there at least 20 hours per week. When the full time receptionist resigned  in 1988, I filled in until a replacement could be found..........I never left until 1994. I have fond memories of "the hill" - we had so much fun back then!! How times have changed?  Some of my memories include Harry B Bell doing damper for us....and how the building would be filled with the  aroma of it and we would all line up in that tea room, waiting to get our hands on the butter and Golden Syrup.  Then there were the times when a guest never arrived for Coffee Break or Midweek Live and I would always have a spare set of clothes and backing track ready to take their place.  Harry always built the most gorgeous sets for me.  Vicki T and I would have such fun at lunch time when we would get away and have a countery at the good old Moffatt Hotel......then sneak back 2 hours later......Vicki would always make sure I got a good drive up Mary Street, with a good right into North (on two wheels and smokin).....I'll never forget when Barry Daley was the Manager and we were called into his office on our return, we thought it was the burn out that had got us into trouble - but it was just NRTV putting more work on us???!!!!!  and...... Then I became Secretary for Gary Rozynski - oh boy - I think Gary was secretly relieved when I left - I caused him plenty of stress - wait a minute he caused his all female sales team a lot of stress???!!!!!  (Love ya Gaz).  After I left WIN TV in 1994, I went on to do full time entertainment i.e. street theatre/children's entertainment/theatre restaurant productions/recording.  In 1996 I commenced at 4GR as their U Beaut Ute Chick working with the Breakfast announcer at the time, John Krosch.  Once again (media) I commenced in 1996 as casual and never left until 2003.  I was co host of the John and Ruby Breakfast Show from 1997 to 2003.  We were thrilled to have won a number of awards (Australian Commercial Radio Awards) in our time together.During these years in radio, John (hubby) and I were blessed with 2 children, Harry in 1997 and then Madeleine in 2003.  In March 2004 I ran for a seat on the Toowoomba City Council, little did I know that it would be history breaking in a number of ways......the Recycled Water Debate in 2006 and Amalgamation of Councils in Queensland in 2008 (leaving the council of 2004 to be the LAST Tmba City Ccl).  I was not re elected in 2008, I commenced work in our family business with my Dad (Transport).  At the end of 2008, I was approached by River 949 in Ipswich to be a part of their new Breakky team. The Ruby and Dave Show commenced on 12 January 2009, River is a real family, I guess it is a bit like what we all once had "on the hill". I commute from Tmba to Ippy Monday to Friday.  What can one say?  Media - whether it be TV or Radio or whatever social media is out there today - once it is in your blood - it is difficult to remove.  If I don't get to drop in to the party on September 29 (I have two other committments that day) I  want to thank all of you who gave me so much laughter, tears and the confidence to speak.....(now no one can shut me up). Special thanks to Berky, VT and Gaz!! I also take this opportunity to remember with great love and admiration Harry B Bell; John Bean and the gorgeous Moony (Jane Moon).  THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!!!  GOD's BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!!



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