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DDQ was a great place to start my career in TV. After Toowoomba I moved to Channel 9 in Brisbane for 4 years. I then made a big move to Bangkok. My partner and I now have our own TV production company in Thailand and we've been lucky enough to produce travel shows for STAR across Asia, Mid-East & Pacific for over a decade, programs for CNBC, documentaries, TV commercials and many corporate videos. I have two sons, Dylan (15) and Tyler (12) and the youngest already has his own TV segment. I've also kept my links with Australia and we do a lot of support work for major TV channels. Today we have 3 weekly TV shows, a hotel channel, a great production unit and our team is now involved in the first Expat channel for Asia. It's great fun and I still love what I do. Happy Anniversary DDQ and a big hello to all my old friends in the garden city and further afield.  

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I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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