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Newsroom typist c. 1965-67 - nickname 'Dixie'.  For a news item wore the first miniskirt ever seen in Toowoomba down Ruthven Street.

Yes this true. I commissioned the mini skirt story (and filmed--wasn't going to let Bob Hargreaves get that one!!! Used a long lens- so we could stand well back so not to give away the surprise effect) after Jean Shrimpton modelled her famous mini skirt at the Melbourne Cup. It caused a big hooha so I figured an even bigger hooha would follow in  conservative Toowoomba. The reaction showed I was right. There was a second staffer with Dixie also wearing a mini skirt but she prefers to go unnamed. Street  interviews showed most Toowoomba men approved. We didn't win a Walkley but had lots of fun. Ian Leslie.

I think I might still have a couple of photographs I took in Ruthven Street when we did that story.  If I can find them I'll add them to the stories section.  Bob Pounds

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