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Robyn - Stringer for Dalby District in another life.  Mother to Naomi.
Had many an argument with people who were SURE they knew would say, you perhaps know my daughter...
SHE reads the news...not me....I just do a bit of parish pump news, as Craig used to call it.  As someone has said on this site, once news gets into your blood, it is hard to shake it. 

From DDQ to local newspaper and publicity officer to many organisations, still doing that now.
Widowed but now in a relationship with a wonderful man James Gray in Brisbane.  All the best to you the song says....We did it our way...and we did....we took slides for the news presentations,
Arthur would tut tut if they were a bit under or over exposed....mine were not so of course.  Best wishes.
Reunion Party
I will be attending the reunion party on Saturday the 29th September 2012
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