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This is not exactly a specific piece of equipment, but rather a collection of equipment often unseen even by the many hundreds of staff who worked at the studios.  Mt Mowbullan was the site of DDQ's Darling Downs high power transmitters, working in conjunction with SDQ 4's high power site at Passchendaele Ridge near Stanthorpe.  This was a place that could kill you in an instant if you did not have your wits about you, and was a stark contrast to the busy bustling studio environment.  For the engineer, it was often quite a lonely place with only the loud noises of blowers and dehydrators running, along with the occasional crackle of the studio two-way radio and the echoed sounds of the 'off air' monitoring filtering across the transmitter hall.  I have added some photos of this site, including some interesting emergency events that took place over the years for those that never really got to see this place as it was.  Of course this is all in the good old analogue days, when you could literally crawl inside these huge transmitters.

David King