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Equipment Details:

The original equipment was supplied by EMI for the studio and microwave links, with the transmitter equipment being supplied by Philips industries.

The studio equipment consisted of two telecine chains fitted with two each, Bell and Howell 16mm sound projectors, together with RCA drum 35mm slide projectors. The outputs of these film devices were then fed optically into an EMI Telecine chain, with the video pickup unit being based on a vidicon camera. These two units were basically the sames as the studio cameras. The studio cameras used remote control zoom lenses, the zoom mechanism being controlled from camera control centres positioned in the master control desk.

The various video signals were all fed into a vision switcher. Each video source also had its own large video monitor. (Conrac monitors.) From the video switcher the program content was then fed to microwave links that in turn, relayed the signals to the Mount Mowbullen transmitter site - and thus to air and to television receivers in locations all around the Darling Downs areas.

All audio signals were fed into an EMI audio console, with provisions to accept audio signals from various equipment such as the the telecine chains and studio microphones, news gathering equipment plus other audio output equipment.

The original EMI microwave links used to fail due to bad weather in the link path. When this happened the transmitter would put to air a stationery call sign image which was generated by a EMI fixed studio camera, along with a pre-recorded announcement. The EMI links  were replaced with Canadion Marconi TWT links operating at a higher output power and lowere frequency. The "Fading" problem was rectified by this change. The antenna dish was also larger in diameter. The new transmission microwave links were sited on a new tower at the north side of the studio building.

Denis Wright.