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During my time at DDQ the station acquired its first video recorder (1967).  It wasn't a `propper' video recorder as it was a helical Scan machine and therefore, could only be used for a very small percentage of programme time (I think it was 3%).   It cost $18,000 and was first used to record a 15 minute Sunday night segment in which the then Minister for Civil Aviation, the Hon.Reg Swartz, gave his Canberra Report.  

 At that time I was also doing station publicity for two TV mags and the Toowoomba Chronical, and have and copy of a photograph showing Reg `on set' on the left of the poicture, and Frank Balfour (Ass. Chief Engineer) on the right, operating the recorded while viewing Minister Swartz on a monitor.   DDQ should have a copy of this picture.

Bob Hargreaves.