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In 1988, DDQ channel 10 became DDQ Channel 0, with a politically and financially motivated channel swap with the then TVQ Channel 0 television station in Brisbane (which DDQ actually owned at the time).  It was a huge engineering undertaking, with all hands on deck.  One crew dispatched to the Mt Mowbullan transmitter site to decommission the Main NEC and Standby Phillips Channel 10 transmitters, while a second crew (led by me) travelled to TVQ in Brisbane to decommission the two huge NEC Channel 0 transmitters and dismantle them into smaller components in order to be transported back up to Mt Mowbullan.  Meanwhile, a borrowed channel 10 transmitter housed in a demountable building was holding up transmissions to the Darling Downs viewing area from a site next to the main transmitter building.  The days and nights were long, and it was freezing cold up on the mountain, and in the transmitter hall with no transmitters running.  In record time though we had made the full transition from Channel 10 to Channel 0.  I won't go into any of the technical aspects of the operation (too long to describe), but have included a few photos of the operation with explanatory captions.  And in true DDQ style, all the engineering staff came from the station.  The only extra crew involved were experts from RFS Australia who did the plumbing and antenna work, and two transmitter technicians (Big Barry and Little Barry...sorry I can not recall their last names) from TVQ 0 who carried out the 'Proof of Performance' tests after we completed the assembly of the two transmitters...A and B (Main and Standby).

David King