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I was asked to take over the Interview program from John Crook " the Crook Affair" and so began my Television career on " An Afternoon Affair with Errol" [ what a title?] Peter Koury Directed most and we managed to experiment with a few different segments over about 8 years. Any guest who was inntown was on , from someone floggiong a new underware to actors, entertainers and local bods plugging their event. It was a lot of fun, always doing one day live then recording the rest for the week ahead. We had cooking segment , book reviews, panel discussions, and tried as much as we could without a budget. I remember well one of the first live programs being caught a beauty by the boys upstairs. I had signed off from the live show and was waiting for the closing credits when the cameraman signelled me to keep going , ad lib etc. I duly obliged and was waffelling on about absolutely nothing for over a minute when I head the distinct sound of laughter from upstairs. Eventually the cameraman couldnt keep a straight face either and broke up to admit that I had fallen for the old joke where the Off Air monitor in the studio had been switched to Studio  to make me believe we were still on air.