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From time to time in the 60s, at least, the newsroom guys also shot the film for locally produced commercials. Apart from making the news team one person short for at least half the day (in a three-man newsroom the loss was really felt)  the commercials were usually a pleasant change from covering local events.

One consistent (some would say 'persistent') advertiser was Ted Hall. Ted ran a little business at the northern end of Ruthven Street. He sold a variety of appliances and so forth, but his speciality was chain saws.  Virtually all his commercials featured chain saws.

Ted had on tap several local farmers whose properties he could use when he needed to cut down a tree or two or saw up logs for the commercials.

Once, he'd apparently seen an article in a magazine about a guy who cut chairs out of tree trunks with a chain saw, so Ted just had to try that. The result was good enough for TV, but no one would want to order half a dozen of Ted's chairs for a dining suite.


When the new you-beaut VTR arrived - the helical scan job - it was possible to record better quality sound than the film cameras could. Ted was a reasonable singer and somehow he managed to convince the sales rep that he should sing one of his commercials.

The story goes that a viewer up Kingaroy way was so annoyed by Ted's singing commercial he shot up the TV set.

Ted heard about this and invited the guy to take part in a commercial with him, but the person declined.

Can anyone add more detail to this story?  While I worked on some of Ted's commercials, I'd left the station by the time of this event.  I seem to recall I learnt of it from a newspaper clipping.

Bob Pounds