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At one stage during my years at 10, 4 there was a 30 minute programme called `Top Town Quest’.   Talent from surrounding towns came to the studio for the live broadcast (everything was live in those days).   Part of the programme was a film depicting that week’s town in all its glory.

One week it was Toowoomba, and Ian (Leslie) and I were about to edit the film.   In came the General Manager, Stan Fitzpatrick and said he wanted to see the film.  It was raw footage, straight out of the camera and processor…and I didn’t like the idea one bit.   SELDOM…very seldom is a film shot in sequence and this was all over the place.  
                       `Fitzy’ blew his top when he saw it and gave us the verbal rough end of the pineapple….declaring it was a terrible mess…and said he wanted to see it completed when he came in in the morning.

I don’t remember what hour we worked till, but it was ready for screening when he arrived at the station.

After the screening he said, “Well, I never thought it would look like that”.    And with that he ushered me into his office to write the film script, saying, “Now stay there as long as you like”.   To this day I don’t know where he went, but he sure did. 

(Bob Hargreaves)