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Why we were running late compiling the news I don’t recall, but we were.   The stories were, as usual, being laid out in order on a newsroom table and, as I was presenting the news, I was pre-reading them. (The newsroom in those days, by the way, was a passageway near the toilets and by which one could exit the building.) 
              Suddenly the news theme started and without any news I dashed to the studio wondering what the heck I was going to do.   The first story I pre-read was a Warwick story and I thought “Well I can adlib that one, but after that, what!  Robert, you’re in deep trouble”.   Just then a shining horse on a white knight? hang on!, that should be the other way round…anyway this knight galloped silently into the studio and turned into Ian Leslie, clutching the next three stories.  He went down on his haunches and, keeping a very low profile, slid the stories onto my news desk.
The whole news service was presented like that.

(Bob Hargreaves)