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Story Details:
Television was exciting in the middle 60’s. DDQ was a fully operational station and everything was live.
As station announcer I would sit in the voice-over booth, which was located on the right hand side of master Control and where the vision switcher and audio operator ran the show.   

The V/O booth had access to M/Control via glass panelled door and to downstairs via a steel spiral staircase.
The booth was simply furnished with a bench type table, on which a TV monitor and the announcer’s programme running was placed.   Oh yes! there was also a chair.

The running sheet showed where the commercial breaks were in the film and how many minutes and seconds of film there was between the commercials.
As previously mentioned, the toilet was down stairs and at the western end of the building. So, I would sit in the booth with a stopwatch around my neck, just in case I needed to go westward.
On one occasion I headed west and just as I came out, I heard my name echoing along the corridor. I raced along the corridor and up the spiral staircase and into the booth.  There on the screen was the first of the commercial’s slides…..and when I left the booth I hadn’t turned the copy over to this commercial.

To conceal my breathlessness I pushed down on my diaphragm and adlibbed from what I saw on the screen.   When I came to the end of that screen the vision operator switched to the next…and the next until the commercial was over.   Only the three of us ever new what went on with that commercial.  Least of all the studio bosses.

(Bob Hargreaves)