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I will be forever thankful for the fantastic first 4 years of my TV life at DDQ. Great people, great fun, and wonderful memories, except for this one!
I was in presentation one sunday night in the early 70's and all was going well. A 'Big" sunday night movie that week ... 'The Maltese Falcon'! Reel 1 OK... Reel 2 OK.... then I rolled into Reel 3, but something was strange. There were none of the same characters, the story was different, but it was the same era and had the same 'look'. I jumped out of my chair and raced over to the telecine, snapped the film just before to the take up spool, leaving the movie run to air, admittedly spewing film over the floor.
I ripped the take up spool off and rewound to the leader at the head and to my horror, read that it was "REEL 2 of 3 of "The Gold Diggers of 1933". On later investigation, we found out that Reel 3 of "The Maltese Falcon" was sitting in its case in Shepparton at the time!!!
All I could do was go to that emergency clock (which was sponsored by the local taxi service if I remember) and run the apology that "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can not bring you the remainder of our advertised program." 
I promptly then rolled into the "Mick Tees Bowls Show". One of our local productions from the Darling Downs Lawn Bowls competition!! 
Gary Schweikert 1971 - 1975