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Geoff Gold was one of our staff people in the early days of DDQ (early 1960s) and Geoff owned a ski boat.   Apart from staff tennis nights, a group of us were prepared to try our hand at water skiing, and the calm water of Summerset Dam was our nursery.   I don't remember how it happened, but a much advertised skiing competition between DDQ and the Toowoomba Chronicle became a reality.

The big day arrived and it seemed that half the city turned out to see the hot-shot skiing experts `cream the water' in a high speed run to the finish line.

Despite some poor person's car catching on fire before the race...and giving me a news story (I didn't go anywhere without my trusty Bolex film camera), I made a big splash in my race AND WON A CUP......because, I only fell off twice..and there were only two of us in the race anyway!


(Bob Hargreaves.)