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Highlights!   Many...some of them fit for here!

Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival, bloody freezing and Denny Fachin and I slept in a phone booth in the main street because our room was occupied by another staffer with a super friendly local girl! Both stuffed the next day, I fell asleep on the top of the OB van (it's freezing in a phone booth in Stanthorpe) and Denny stuffed up pressing the record button. We missed the first half of the parade! Result.. I called 3 races with a pair of borrowed binoculars and we videoed everything that moved to fill in the hour.  Wash up. Some of us extremely lucky to keep our jobs! 10/10

Stanthorpe Show. Bad mistake, wine pavillion first! Pissed, Denny drove under a tree and almost wiped me and the camera off the top of the Ford Transit Van. Vince Henderson (who only drank on days that ended in 'y') commentates. "This is the Massey Ferguson XYR457TC8 Header!" I was in awe...until he slurred "I only know 'cos I read it on the side!" Stanthorpe spelt trouble! 9/10

John Peel (b and w days) jumped in to do a filler host spot after we shot a fresh fruit and vege ad. In an attempt to be creative, he grabbed a big zucchini and announced to the world "This is something every housewife will enjoy!" Sadly for John it was awkwardly positioned and looked like he had unzipped himself! I heard he did get bookings for hen's nites however! 8/10

I copped a cook for allegedly not putting up supers after a commercial break. I did put 'em up!!! Thought I'd get square on the movie "Flight Of The Phoenix".  Popped the title super up every time a plane took off or landed! Bloody lot of airport action in that movie! So much that it made the Telegraph newspaper in Brisbane! They'd never seen so many supers! Me 10/10...Management's opinion 1/10


I was the smoke blower for Ebenezer G Dragon! I hid behind the set with Rhonda with a packet of B&H and blew smoke outa the dragon's nostrils via 2 little plastic tubes! What a gig! I would go through 8 - 10 fags a show! Thoughts of mouth cancer never entered my mind...this was show biz! The dragon looked real! Peter Khoury's voice was fine...but...I was the smoke man! I made it seem real (in my mind.) I will admit for the first time now...the only reason I did it was because Rhonda Short sometimes wore a mini skirt..... are ya with me? 17/10  Just Jokin!