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In the mid-60s the Queensland Women’s Historical Association was very active in researching and locating pioneer graves on properties to the west of Toowoomba.

From time to time its members' forays into the countryside made a good news item.

But within the newsroom, the association was invariably referred to as ‘the Queensland Women’s Hysterical Association’.

In the half-hour before news-time, a certain newsreader would plead with the rest of the newsroom not to refer to it as the ‘hysterical association’ – “or I’m going to accidently say that on air”.

And sure enough, one night he almost did.

He managed to strangle the end of the word with a cough and splutter – ‘Hyster---ORICAL (cough, cough)’.

The control room was in hysterics.

Did we all learn our lesson?  Of course not.