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One Monday after a bad weekend of storms, it was found that the generator attached to the old Nissan engine at the station was completely blown up by a lightning strike.
There was now no backup to a power failure. A much larger 200 HP, 6 cylinder Volvo diesel was immediately ordered from the Dunlite agent in Brisbane.
A day or so later, just as the coffee percolator was ready for an early morning board meeting the Managing Director of the board was amazed to see a gigantic engine and generator very slowly moving past the board room window on a lowloader. There was so much urgency to replacing the genset that no-one had remembered to mention it to the board.
There was another smaller version of the new generator at the main transmitter, also a Volvo. Because the transmitter wasn’t a full load for the engine, it had glazed the cylinder bores (something diesel engines do) and was using oil at an alarming rate. It was literally dripping from the exhaust pipe.
Paul walked into maintenance one morning musing over the problem and asking for suggestions. I had spent a lot of my teenage holiday time working an International tractor which revelled in this problem, so I piped up with “the standard International recommendation is to feed a tablespoon of BON-AMI (Dry Sink Cleaner) down the intake at half throttle” 
(the alternative is to strip the whole engine down, deglaze the bores with an abrasive hone and re-assemble – days of work, expensive gaskets, lots of mess, no generator, etc, etc)
 Hmph - that can’t be right and he walked off to ring VOLVO.     Their response? Same suggestion!!

Stuart Cornford