The past fifty years has seen an incredible change in the technology used throughout the broadcast industry. The progression of equipment used over the years is as good a metric as any to gauge the passing of time. From film, analogue videotape through to digital recordings, regardless of the sophistication of the technology, when a piece of gear is used day in and day out it can appear to develop a personality of its own. Each machine can display quirks unique to itself; indeed some machines have left their mark on us in such a way that we can still hear them operate and our hands reach out to non-existing controls that have long since vanished in the mist of time.
Many a good story centres around a piece of equipment, if you have such a story to tell, please add it to the list.

16 mm - films and filming
From the time television was introduced in Australia in 1956 to about the early 1970s, 16 mm film was the life-blood of the industry. Programs were di ... more

16 mm Film Processor
In the 60s, at least, the station's news film was developed in an in-house lab. The processing machine was a large stainless steel contraption that was ... more

Sometime between 1964 and 1968 the station bought a 16 mm film printer.   By contrast to the range of printers in the industry it wasn't much more than a toy.  Promos were ... more

Ampex ACR-25 Cart Machine
The most magical piece of equipment on the station. ... more

Ampex AVR-2 Quadruplex VTRs
While the VR-1200s were the mainstay for presentation duties, it was the AVR-2s that stool tall in the production environment.  These were a much later machine ... more

Ampex VPR-7903 Helical VTRs

The station bought as part of the colour upgrade two Ampex 1" machines. A VPR-7903 for the OB van and a VPR-7953 for the studio. The studio machine being for

... more

Ampex VR-1200 Quadruplex VTRs
DDQ for many years had two VR-1200 2 inch quad machines for 'on air' playback duties.  These were great machines when well maintained and were the work-horses of ... more

Auricon Cinevoice
The station's first sound news camera. It took 100 ft film loads - a total running time of 2 min 30 sec.  Hardly 'portable'. Used either a step-down transformer ... more

Auricon Pro600
The station's second sound film camera.  Took 400 ft loads for about 10 minutes running time. Unlike the Auricon Cinevoice, the sound electronics for this camera ... more

BVH-2000 1" VTRs
Production was finally moved across from editing on the 2" AVR-2 quad machines to the new Sony BVH-2000 1" format machines.  Beautiful machines, designed ... more

Bell and Howell 70DR
Workhorse 16 mm film news camera - Virtually indestructible.  100 ft loads - clockwork (wind-up) motor, giving about 30 seconds filming time. Main dis ... more

Beta Cam SP 'Pool Cam'
Standard Sony Betacam SP Camera dropped into a chlorine pool (by some British fella...on his last day...) whilst filming David Budden shirtless doing ... more

Blaupunkt 26

These can be seen in the VR-1200 pics. The 3 tv's were part of the colour upgrade, one monitoring each channel, until just before 6pm, the Ch10 receiver

... more

Bolex H16
A wonderful camera. Clockwork (wind-up), taking 100 ft loads. About 30 seconds filming per wind-up. Reflex viewing and focusing. A delight to film with.  ... more

Commercial replay
During black & white, monochrome days, the commercials were supplied on 16mm spot reels, these were wound off and temporarily spliced with sticky (splicing) ... more


During my time at DDQ the station acquired its first video recorder (1967).  It wasn't a `propper' video recorder as it was a helical Scan machine and therefore, could only

... more

Mt Mowbullan Transmitter Site
This is not exactly a specific piece of equipment, but rather a collection of equipment often unseen even by the many hundreds of staff who worked at the studios.  Mt Mowbullan ... more

OB Van
The station became involved in a lot of Outside Broadcasts (OB’s) and we introduced the microwave link to the exercise, so many were live. The Carnival of
... more

Richmond Hill Vision Switchers
For many years, DDQ used Richmond Hill Production and Presentation switchers.  One of each with very few spares.  These were the heart of both the production ... more

Sony  2"  Helical Scan Video tape recorder - Used in The OB Van  in the 70's for such programmes as  Rural Shows - Warwick , Dalby , Stanthorpe , Wondai  etc,    Rodeos , and ... more

Studio Equipment - Video and Audio Systems

The original equipment was supplied by EMI for the studio and microwave links, with the transmitter equipment being supplied by Philips industries.

The studio equipment

... more

The Phillips Telecine Chain
Before the Bosch FDL-60 telecine chain arrived, this was the chain used to telecast 16mm film and 35mm slides.  When the Phillips camera was fitted with new tubes, and the ... more

The Studio
Not exactly equipment per say, but a constantly fluid environment, changing on an almost daily basis depending on what was the task at hand.  From this little studio, ... more

Very Old Photos from 1978
Here are some very early slide photos of the station taken back in 1978.  These photos may jog the memories of those staff who were working there at the ti ... more