The history of DDQ has been marked by many special occasions and events. From the inception of the company, the introduction of Channel 4 to the Southern Downs, 5a to Toowoomba City, through to celebrations like Telethon 21 for the station’s 21st birthday and more recently the shutdown of the analogue transmitters, these events have signposted the evolution of the station from its humble beginnings, through the heady 1980’s, to the entity it is today. The following are just a few of these events. Please feel free to add some more events to the list.

1962 - DDQ On Air
Friday 13 July, 1962. DDQ 10 began transmission.
Program content started at 8.00 PM, and went through to 11.00 PM
The station broadcasting program hours
... more

1963 - 32 Permanent Staff
On the 30th October 1963 it was reported that DDQ had 32 permanent staff ... more

1963 - News on Relay
On December 30, 1963 news was taken on relay from QTQ for the first time. National News was aired from 6:00pm to 6:20pm and then local news and weather ... more

1963 - Advertising
It was reported in the Toowoomba Chronicle that it cost 32 pound to televise a sixty second spot from 6pm till close and 16 pound for a 60sec spot in daytime. ... more

1964 - SDQ Proposed Name Change
March 29, 1964 Stanthorpe Shire Council supported by the Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce wanted to change the call sign of the new proposed station on ... more

1965 - Talent quest
Talent quest ... more

1966 - SDQ 4 on Air
February 1966 saw the grand opening of SDQ Channel 4 servicing the southern downs. The call sign went from Channel 10 to Channel 10-4. ... more

1967 - First Videotaped Outside Broadcast
The first videotaped outside broadcast was the Carnival of Flowers. Commentary by Ian Lesley and Bob Hargreaves. The tape was replayed that night. ... more

1968 - First Show Taping
In 1968 the Stanthorpe Show was the first show coverage that was videotaped. It went without a hitch. Up until this time all the shows had been shot on fil ... more

1969 - Mobile Video Taping Unit
Even by 1969, DDQ's outside broadcast unit, was the only mobile videotaping facility of its type in Australia ... more

1970 - Ch 5 Launches
April 1970. Channel 5 is launched with a televised official opening with parliamentary dignitaries and sneak previews of many new American programs. ... more

1973 - First Colour Transmitter
In September 1973, a new colour transmitter was installed at Mt Mowbullan. This was the first high power NEC TV Transmitter imported to Australia. This ... more

1976 - Change of Frequency to 5a
In 1976 the Picnic Point translator Channel 5 changed to 5A. The logo changed to the cube style with the station id theme of "Reaching For The Stars". ... more

1975 - Total Colour Television 10-4-5

As with all Australia 1st March 1975 was the commencement of full time colour transmission.

To be individual, our slogan which had been "The best of everything" became 'Total Colour Television

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1983 - Playing with 3D back in 1983!
Yes, DDQ was experimenting with 3D television long before flat panel LCD screens the size of dining room tables.  Back in 1983, an experimental broadcast took ... more

1983 - Telethon 21
To celebrate DDQ's 21st anniversary of broadcasting, a live telecast was held from the bottom end of Queen's Park in Toowoomba.  It was a huge undertaking, with much of the ... more

1988 - The Channel 0 Frequency Change
In 1988, DDQ channel 10 became DDQ Channel 0, with a politically and financially motivated channel swap with the then TVQ Channel 0 television station in Brisbane (which DDQ actually owned at ... more

1988 - One of the Busiest years for DDQ Production.
1988 was the year of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations, the year Brisbane hosted World Expo, and the year DDQ changed channels from VHF band 3 channel 10 to the dreaded ... more