Locally produced programming is the most significant contribution any television station can make to its community, and DDQ has had a proud tradition of producing first class local programs from the very beginning.
Programs like the Ch 10 Juniors, Relax with 10, Rural Views – later Landline, Local Shows coverage and of course the Local News were mainstays of the early years. On average DDQ produced more local programs than any other regional television station in Queensland and was second only to NBN for the most number of locally produced shows produced in regional Australia.

This list of programs is far from complete; please add to it when you can think of additional programs that have been produced locally. Also be sure to comment and tell us some stories about the programs.

Coffee Break
A morning show that began in 1985 ... more

Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers.

Can't remember the show?

Probably because it wasn't one. Back in the 50's and 60's there was a (later very highly regarded) singing teacher named Mansel

... more

Kid's Show
From the very beginning there has been a kid's show.
Started in 1962 as the Channel 10 Juniors, airing Mon-Thurs at 5:30pm With Gail Jefferies (Felg
... more

Make the Grade
 A quiz programme with Local Schools taking part over a 15 week period , from memory, this pic was 1975 ... more

Mid Week live
A weekly hour long morning show began in 1990 ... more

Midweek Live
A weekly hour-long programme began in 1990 ... more

No Tree for Christmas

Somehow I managed to talk Laurie burrows into letting me Produce a Kids Christmas story I had written with Peter Koury into a TV program. He supplied the OB Van and

... more

School Of The Week
A school would feature for a week, short stories about activities. A 5 minute segment each day in the kids show.   ... more

The Carnival of Flowers
Without a doubt, one of the most popular broadcasts DDQ would do each year was the coverage of the Carnival of Flowers parade.  In the early days this was done as a highlights package that ... more

This is the news from Channel 10

In about mid-1965, DDQ expanded its news bulletins from ten minutes (including weather) at 6.20pm, following the relay of national and state news from

... more

Variety Programs

There was a period when 10/4/5a produced a series of recorded Variety programs, in studio with Jeannie Little " A French Encounter",  one at Jondaryan

... more

an Afternoon Affair with Errol
I was asked to take over the Interview program from John Crook " the Crook Affair" and so began my Television career on " An Afternoon Affair with Errol" [ what a title?] ... more

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