The character and culture of the station is built upon the character of the staff that have gone before. Over the years some extraordinarily talented people have graced the halls of DDQ, leaving behind a legacy of creative achievement and a culture where doing the impossible is an everyday occurrence. Many of the people who started their careers at DDQ have gone on to achieve remarkable success in the industry whilst others moved on from the bright lights of television to more normal careers. Regardless of their fame or fortune we remember these people simply as our friends.

Below is a list of people who have worked at DDQ over the years. If your name is there please feel free to click on EDIT and enter your details and your work history. If your name isn’t there please add your name to the list.
If you click on someone’s name you can add some stories or photos / videos of them.

Name Contact Work History
'Boy' Prentice

c. 1966 -

‘Boy’ Prentice was an amazing character. A successful farmer in his own right (his property was out Westbrook way), he doubled as the station's rural reporter, filming his own news stories.

Boy, however, had only one arm, having lost the other during World War II. It was quite a sight to see him load a Bell and Howell 70DR camera with one hand – it was often fiddly enough with two.

To film, he mounted the camera on a monopod.


Alex Smith News journo started DDQ Feb 1983 and left March 1984 to begin 15 year stint at BTQ7. 1999 to2000 Comms Manager Criminal Justice Commission then brief stint at Ipswich City Council as marketing manager. Back to tv news in 2002 and did 9 years at QTQ 9. Did one Olympics and 2 Comm Games along the way. Now group media relations manager for Thiess Pty Ltd. EDIT
Alexandra Foley Journalist late 2000's ex Rocky  EDIT
Alison Brown Week day weather 1975/76.  Casual weekend weather in 80's.  EDIT
Allan Sperling Senior Coordinator 1980-1990 EDIT
Alyshia Gates Journalist  EDIT
Amber McMahon Sales Secretary  EDIT
Amy Creighton News Camera person 2000's EDIT
Andrea Meehan Compere and presenter – Went to TNQ Townsville and later to GTV Melbourne – Taylor - Died from Lung cancer in Melbourne – 2009/10 EDIT
Andrew Forster News Camera Person 2000's EDIT
Andrew Johnstone Kid show director / producer late '70 early 80's EDIT
Andrew McKinlay

1987-88: Sports reporter and (occasional) presenter when Pat O'Shea was "at the races" or "training All Whites". Lucky enough to go on to cover Olympic Games, Rugby World Cups, Bledisloe Cups in New Zealand and Australia, British and Irish Lions tour, Cricket World Cups, cricket tours of West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Ashes tours in Australia. Kangaroo tours, State of Origin series, NRL grand finals and AFL grand finals.

Lucky enough to learn a lot at DDQ 10.Taught how to write to pictures, by the late, great John Bean, John Briffa and Peter Collins. Lucky enough to have beaten into me, how to write to pictures, by Mick Erbacher.Taught to drink and smoke by the late, great Jim Sweeney. Lucky enough to learn how to love life by the late, great Jane Moon (Harris). Taught naughty words and what they looked like by Naomi Beazley. Lucky enough to learn my trade -  tie a windsor knot & how to be a gentleman - from Arthur Copeland.

Memories: Peter Collins driving like a maniac - to shoot a few moments footage at rugby league matches in Toowoomba, then Oakey, then Pittsworth - in less than 80 minutes so News could provide vewiers with a "complete footy round-up." Two-way radio demands from the newsroom for our ETA replied to by John Briffa holding the handset out the camera-car window, screaming: "you're breaking up! you're breaking up!"  Pat O'Shea ad-libbing for over 15 minutes in a barely-lit studio to save a news bulletin after a staion black-out.  Gutting a newsroom BVU edit suite. Hauling the player up-stairs to the control room. Mick Erbacher lying on the floor with the machine on his chest while Christine Sarquis hit the play button so packages could go to air.

All proof that people - not technology - make good television.

Congratulations to all those who made DDQ and a special thankyou to the "poor buggers" who had to put up with me during my brief stint at Mt Lofty.

Hava great night.

Andrew Robinson Started at DDQ in January 1986 in the production Dept as a Junior (got to carry a lot of equipment). Progressed to editing, shooting and Directing Nightly News bulletin. Moved to WIN Cairns in 1994. I’m currently Freelancing in Sydney. EDIT
Angie Patterson (Smith) EDIT
Ann Henderson Presenter, Coffee Break EDIT
Ann Scott-Hunter Sales Rep EDIT
Ann(e?) Baldo Graphic Designer - 1965
Anne Henderson Anne was the presenter of "Afternoon Affair" from July 1972 and was later co-presenter of Coffee Break" in the mid to late '80s. EDIT
Anne Johnson (O'Brien)
Worked at DDQ from 1971 to 1975. Commenced in the commercial library, did some film handling with Rhys Morris as my boss. Before I left I was doing audio recording and some studio camera work. Just saw colour transmission arrive before I left to join the Air Force. There I met Peter and finally married in 1986. Left the Air Force in 1980 and moved to Brisbane where I sold Real Estate for a couple of years and became a driving instructor and then joined Australia Post until I had our two girls. When the girls were at school, I started working as a teacher aide at their school (Kurwongbah State School in Petrie) and fourteen years later I am still there and love it.
Anselmo Morisini Traffic and Operations Manager early 70's. Known to drink "home made" Stanthorpe red wine. A man ahead of his time! EDIT
Ari Gaitanis Journalist EDIT
Arthur Copeland Arthur (Scoop) was a renowned Journalist who started in December 1973 EDIT
Arthur Shale News Cameraman EDIT
Ashley McDermid Journalist EDIT
Atila Antoni News Cameraman (2000s) EDIT
Barry Daley Station Manager EDIT
Belinda Borissow News Editor EDIT
Belinda McDougall (Burrows) Journalist EDIT
Ben Tiller Production Director / Editor (WIN TV) EDIT
Bernadette Sarquis Tape Op / Tech 1980s EDIT
Bernadette Young Journalist EDIT
Beryl Jutsum Originally employed as Office Manager (1962)-later became Accountant. After leaving DDQ to marry she resided in Dalby for many years before moving  to Buderim where she died. EDIT
Bill Hills Various roles over the years starting as "Dot the Clown" in the Channel 10 Juniors and ending up as Sales Manager EDIT
Bill Larkins Sales Rep EDIT
Bill McDonald Sports Journalist. My stay at DDQ was only brif but I learned a lot and it launched my career in the media. I left in 1987 to take up a sport reporter's job at Seven Brisbane. I became the AFL boundary rider for the network coverage, did feature reporting on Sportsworld, News and ended up doing back up News & Sport presenting. That led to an opportunity at the Ten Network in 1996. I replaced Fordo as Sport Producer and presenter as well as NBL host/commentator until being promoted to news co-anchor in 2004. It's a great job that has taken me to many great sporting events including AFL Grand Finals, Olympic & Commonwealth Games. Since DDQ I have also been the Melbourne Age newspaper's AFL writer, penned feature stories for several magazines, hosted plenty of radio sport segments, done some corporate media training, voice overs and a lot of MC work. I even got to call Origin the past two years for Radio maroon! Currently I'm celebrating 25 years in the caper! I'm still co-anchor of Ten News Qld and call AFL for Triple M as well as managing some corporate social media privately. Thanks DDQ for setting me off on this wonderful journey! It's been a wonderful breeding launching pad for many in the industry. As fate would have it, I actually sit next to another DDQ Bill - Bill Walker - he's the Ten Qld Sport producer who replaced me!   Have a great get together everyone - Cheers & beers!!!
Bill Walker Sports Journalist EDIT
Bob Fry Program Manager - ex TCN 9  Bob was the first Program Manager for DDQ commencing work with the station a few months before Official Transmissions commenced in 1962, and was with the company till 1971, when he moved to Ballarat, Vic to take up the position of Program Manager at BTV6.  Bob retired several years ago and is now living on Bribie Island. EDIT
Bob Hargreaves ACS
I was there from 1964 to 1968.  As it was in those days, a person was a bit of this and that.   Announcer/newsreader,  news cameraman/film processor at times, and publicity writer for the TV mags of the day and The Chronicle.
Actually, I'm glad I was there then, because the station was a fully functioning station in its own right and not simply a relay station as most regionals are now.
Following DDQ I went to CTC 7 Canberra as Publicity Manager and later back into news.   After four years at CTC I joined the Australian Government's Australian Overseas and Information Service where we made news-nagazine films for world television.   It was at the AIS that I was again working with Bob Pounds.   All our out-put was for overseas television and the films were screened in 70 countries. 1985 saw us switch to tape for shooting, editing and release.
Outside of my film work was radio and during my AIS years I read ABC Canberra weekend news,  A fill-in sting with 2CA (Canberra) and recorded stories for Radio Australia.   I am still involved in radio.
Bob Penfold c.1964-?.  Freelance stringer at Texas.
Bob Perry Announcer and Presenter. Once turned and held "upside down" on air (Telethon) to see if a suspected hair piece would fall off. It didn't! EDIT
Bob Pounds ACS Joined DDQ as the euphemistically named 'TV Trainee' - read 'Dispatch and Message Boy'  - in January 1965. Became TV News Cameraman/Reporter May 1965.  In those days the cameraman /reporter functions  were one.  You shot the story then wrote the item. Worked at DDQ until early 1967, when I joined TNQ-7 Townsville as a News Cameraman/Reporter. In December 1968 I went to WIN-4 Wollongong as a News Cameraman.

In 1970 I moved to Canberra to join the then Australian News and Information Bureau (ANIB) television unit as a director/cameraman, making short documentaries about Australia for overseas television. Over the following 12 years I filmed in all sorts of places across Australia, and in Antarctica.   ANIB underwent several name changes over the years, though it remains best known as the Australian Information Service. I was awarded the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) Golden Tripod award for Best News Film in 1977, and also in that year gained my ACS accreditation (which allows me to use the letters ACS after my name).

In 1983 I switched across to ANIB's main journalism stream, and over the course of the next few years handled tasks that included federal government media arrangements for Head of State visits to Australia, the largest of which was the Papal visit in 1986.

Two diplomatic postings followed: to the Australian High Commission in Ottawa in 1987 as First Secretary (Information) and to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok in 1992, as Counsellor (Public Affairs).  [In Bangkok I met up with Raine Grady, another ex-DDQer.]

1996 saw me join the Department of Veterans' Affairs commemorations branch where I was involved in several overseas missions to mark significant wartime events. My film-making background was again employed when I was appointed DVA's Project Manager for the Australian Government-funded series 'Australians at War', broadcast on the ABC, and which took out a Logie award as best documentary series in 2001.

I was head-hunted by the Department of Health and Ageing in 2003, and it is here that I am now working as head of the HealthCommunications coordination unit.

Highlights at DDQ
Filming the preview film for the SDQ-4 coverage area opening broadcast
Nearly being killed in a quarry blast mishap

Bob Smart c1964 - Accountant
Brad Mclellan News Cameraman EDIT
Brendan Parnell Journalist EDIT
Brendan Ward News Cameraman EDIT
Brendon Walmsley News Cameraman EDIT
Brian Collins Lighting/Electrician EDIT
Brian O'neil Studio announcer for a short period of time. EDIT
Bruce McGuigan Stringer - Warwick and Southern Downs / Granite Belt EDIT
Bruce Menzies Copywriter. EDIT
Bruce Rogers Started in sales at DDQ in 1981 - went to 4AK and other stations, also worked at Ten Toowoomba for a while and 1071AM Kingaroy, - took a year off to run a taverna in Greece.  Currently doing breakfast radio - Gold Coast (4CRB) (live streaming) - also run Editors and Marketing website design, voiceovers etc. and have been involved in book publishing too. We enjoy scuba diving and have travelled through Greece and Vanuatu diving. Love Toowoomba and would love to catch up with everyone. EDIT
Brynn Sankey News Cameraman EDIT
Caitlin Crowley Journalist/Chief of Staff/Qld News Director
Cameron Price Win Toowoomba 2006 - 2008. Now Sky News Sydney .. EDIT
Cameron Stewart WIN News Camera Operator & Editor 2009-2012. Now working for CNN International.  EDIT
Carolyn Barker (Barlow) Newsreader / Presenter EDIT
Carolyn Deuble c. 1966  office?
Carolyn Skerman (Green) Accounts - 1985 - 1989 EDIT
Charlotte Maynard Receptionist EDIT
Cheryl Cleary c 1963 +  Film Handling
Chris Forsberg On-air presenter EDIT
Chris Ralph Copywriter and Presenter. EDIT
Chris Wotton Station Manager EDIT
Chris Wren Engineer/Farmer.Returned to family farm after leaving DDQ.Struggled thru drought of 90s till buying block with elder brother for much better water secruity.Better times ahead ie married to Jenny and two great boys Cooper 8 and Lucas 7.Main crops summer Capsicums and Broccolini.Jen and I have not long ago purchased a turf farm at Severnlea south of Stanthorpe that we call home.Look foward to catching up and reliving some stories from an incredible time in my life. EDIT
Chrissy McCoombes (Ferris) Journalist and Newsreader  EDIT
Christene Just Kids Show host, Weather Presenter EDIT
Christine Fogerty (Sarquis) Production Assistant extraordinaire EDIT
Christine Hughes Production Assistant EDIT
Claire Macdonald (Munro) Journalist and Newsreader - 1989 - 1995. Moved to Darwin in March '95 - was associate producer/ weekend news presenter Australia Television International and subsequently presented the 7pm Territory news. Ministerial media advisor in the leadup to the 1998 Qld election, before the homeless animals led me to the RSPCA.  I spent almost 10 fulfilling years as media manager - initially with RSPCA QLD then RSPCA NSW.  Alas I had trouble identifying certain animal species. One day I risked life, limb and pantyhose to rescue what looked like a possum from a busy Sydney road, eventually coaxing the terrified creature into a shopping bag.  I rushed the possum to the shelter where vets identified it as a large rat and promptly euthanased it. 
Decided it was safer to work with (for?) children instead of animals and moved to Brisbane in 2007 - current position is Manager Public Affairs Dept Education, Training and Employment. 
I have very fond memories of my years at Mt Lofty. eg: hanging on for grim death as Peter Collins raced to a crime scene   - often arriving before the police/firies and in some cases before the crime had actually happened. Craig Burgess regurlarly sent me out on colour stories, usually involving interviewing elderly gentlemen in their dressing gowns.  In one case the elderly gent was sitting on his top step after a fire, dressing gown and pyjamas askew, saying  "I've lost everything in this fire love."  Unfortunately from where I was standing - on the bottom step beside the camera - I could see that was definately not the case.
Michael Fleming deserved a long service medal after a particularly challenging interview with a local doctor about organ week. The doctor collapsed with laughter every time he got to the 'O' word, setting me off  - and vice versa. It was late in the day and somehow we managed to struggle through, urged on by a patient but very frustrated Michael.  Apparently one of the universities used the footage as a teaching tool - ie 'how NOT to conduct an interview. 
I feel blessed to have worked with these people and others like 'Scoop' Copeland, Jim Sweeney, Neil Batterham and all who made working at DDQ so rewarding. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the rich and colourful tapestry of DDQ over many wonderful years.
Clive Gilshannon There should be an old 2" Sony tape of Clive performing at the old Toowoomba Post Office. Very talented man.
Col Clifford Presenter EDIT
Cole McIntyre Production Cameraman / Director EDIT
Craig Allen Journalist EDIT
Craig Berkman Production Manager, Director, Presenter, News reader. Joined DDQ in late 1984 as Production Manager, left in February 1991 after Paul Keating decided to decimate the regional television industry. Work included news reading, editing, camera work, producing and voice work. Last main job at the station was producing and presenting "MidWeek Live", a one hour live magazine style program on a Wednesday at 11am, with the assistance of the lovely Michelle Schneider. The late great Harry Bell was a tower of strength and support during that season in 1990.
After aggregation, my wife Jan and I ran a video and TV production business based in Toowoomba. Work included freelance shooting for the ABC and in 2001 Jan and I moved to Brisbane and I started working full-time with the ABC as an Avid editor and cameraman.
Ten years ago I was sent on my first international ABC news assignment to Bali after the first bombing and I've been travelling ever since for news, Australian Story, Foreign Correspondent, Landline and 7.30. Currently shooting Landline with presenter and reporter Pip Courtney, based in Brisbane.
Married to Jan, and we have three sons and five grandchildren. Living at Macgregor in Brisbane.
Not retiring any time soon.
Craig Burgess News Editor (COS) EDIT
Damien Egan Coordinator, Studio Camera, Despatch .... Started at DDQ March 1971 left May 1973 due to the fact that I was about to earn Adult wages !! Moved to Brisbane to join ABC Television Production department Studio / OB's and this time I lasted 35 years. At the ABC I was doing studio/ Ob camera - vision switching - Lighting / vision control and for the last 10 years until June 2008 was Outside Broadcast Techical DIRECTOR. Resigned (June 2008 ) from the ABC and stared up my own business as a 'Bushcare Regenerator' Yes! as far away from Television as you can get?? EDIT
Damien Hansen



Dan Goebel Production Cameraman, Director EDIT
Dan Nolan Journalist EDIT
Dan Sercombe Journalist EDIT
Daniel Maddock Production Cameraman (WIN) EDIT
Daphne Osborne Film Department – Vision Switcher – ex TCN 9 EDIT
Darryl (Ollie) Oehlman Tape Op, Cameraman
30 years down the track and I still remember the happy funny times spent while learning the trade... Tapes and the ACR jamming ,Harry bell with a hang over cure another beer, trying to get around editing ....still can’t . low flying to Gundy in the Sigma with Mick Erbacher Playing indoor cricket with Steve Mick Jack and even Pat had a game or two that was Gold and would never foreget  the girls in traffic.Trying to keep a straigh face while shooting with the Kids show while Wasser was doing his dance steps ...those were the days..Gold Gold DDQ.  These days I am slogging it out in Brisbane at QTQ9 now that’s another story ....that can be shared at the reunion  regards Ollie
Daryl Potts Snr Tec mid 60's to early 70's. A great mate of Frank Balfour. Frank and Darryl built a "Swamp Boat" in the prop dept/OB vehicle garage. It was powered by an old VW motor and driven by the prop from a wrecked aircraft. Unstable, very dangerous and great fun (No....I'm not going to say if that was Frank, Darryl or the boat). EDIT
David Eldridge News Cameraman EDIT
David King Started at DDQ in 1978, and notched up 25 years of exciting career opportunities and experiences spanning both the DDQ and WIN eras.  Employed by the Chief Engineer Paul Ament.  Spent first three months as a trainee technician but was seconded to ‘On Air’ duties by the Production Manager Paul Erbacher.   I then spent the next 4 years working as a coordinator, tape operator, duty technician, audio operator, cameraman, tape editor, and occasional director....(a rather long secondment).   During this time I studied for my AOCP and TVOCP in preparation to rejoin the engineering department.  This I did in 1982, under the then Chief Engineer Stuart Cornford.  I believe my time in operations made me a better technician and I don’t regret a single day of my time in Operations and Production..  I started  again as Trainee Technician and worked my way up through the positions of Senior Technician, OB Supervisor, Studio Engineer and eventually in 1992 to Station Engineer appointed  by the WIN Television Network’s Group Chief Engineer Peter Gough.  Back in 1987 I married the station’s Traffic Manager Jenny Hill, and we are still happily married today.  I resigned from WIN Television in September 2003 during the sad era of digitisation, centralisation, and deterioration of regional television stations as they once were.  My current position is  Manager of Audio Visual Services within the Division of ICT at the University of Southern Queensland, ironically looking after multiple high definition television studios, radio and production facilities, digital edit suites and a vast array of audio visual equipment...and I still love this stuff! EDIT
David Mackay News Editor (COS) EDIT
David Martin Tape Op / Co-ordinator. Aspired to be Jimi Hendrix 2nd.
David Pennycuick Technician
Since DDQ I have travelled the country a fair bit.   I went from DDQ to Video House in Melbourne. 
That only lasted a few months when I left to go to NEC. I was doing factory level support on Transmitters and EFLEX 
 For NEC until I was sent to WA to manage the GWN RCTS project in 1985.   I left NEC in 1990 to work for Telecom 
Broadcast in Dalby.   I came back to Toowoomba in 1998 to work at USQ  in the AV section of the then DEC. 

I now work as a Radar Engineer for Airservices Australia at Brisbane Airport.  I still live in Toowoomba and work in Brisbane with a combination of driving and Telecommuting.   I also spend a bit of time traveling to site 

I have been looking forward to the reunion but work has other ideas sending me to Perth for September and October for a new radar project. 

Have fun on the 29th. 
David Powell Cameraman, Editor, Director, Audio Op, Tape Op, Co-Ord, Evening Tech, OB Tech.  Started 20 Jan '75 after passing a gruelling process of entry. Leon Adams, the national sales rep, who was my parents neighbour, told me about a job opening. I was thinking radio as a career, but Leon said "think of radio with pictures, much better". I was convinced, he wrote my job application for me to copy, I delivered it immediately to the station, thanks for the lift mum, well I was only 16. 30 minutes later a phone call inviting me straight up for an interview. Paul Erbacher's question "So you want to work in television?"  I said "yes" and that was it. Paul did ask another question "When do you want to start?" I replied "now" but it was the following Monday. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, I was rapt. My mum helped in a massive way, when I was on late shift, she'd drive me up to the station, leave the car with me, and walk home. I then later drove home, 16, no licence, my years of driving on a property seemed to justify this. DDQ was the best place to start in television, in black & white, soon colour. My sincere thanks to all that I worked with. I headed down to Melbourne in May'77 to commence working at Armstrong Audio-Video (AAV). Rob Stumpf and Ron Richards also did the same, but there was no planning amongst us, the departure dates from DDQ were staggered.  I later worked for HSV7 in Melbourne, mainly on CopShop and Skyways. Thinking Melbourne was a tad cool and crowded, Jan '81 saw me back at DDQ. All good but I stayed for only 18 months and returned back to Melbourne on the offer of dollars.  First editing and freelance OB work but then onto management which included heading a post company for five years. '95 I shifted to Sydney, working as a product manager for Sony. Continued working freelance plus broadcast equipment sales. Jan '09 commenced with the Television Technical Operators College (TTOC) as a tutor. I still do this today with my most recent assignment being in Malaysia. I left Sydney in April '11, shifting to Darwin to work at Channel 9 (NTD8) in their production department, that's where I am now. Well not quite, I'll be in Toowoomba on the 29th!! EDIT
David Wildman Newsreader/ Announcer EDIT
Davina Smith Journalist and Newsreader EDIT
Deann Stephens Journalist EDIT
Deanne Manning Copywriter EDIT
Debbie Burgess (Blackwell) EDIT
Debbie Gillott Accounts, also supervised the first 'Televend' home shopping phone operators and worked out of the old house next door doing sales support. Loved the Carnival of Flowers parade, remembering Gordon Thurling and his Muppet Themed floats. Elaine and her donuts and sausage rolls. Going on location to film the station's Great Eastland promo. Great times (It still makes me smile at the Moby Dick issue where the reels were played out of order and viewers got to watch the beginning, the end and the middle!). I am now working in Brisbane as the Regional Lead Organiser for United Voice. I hope to be there on the 29th and get the opportunity to catch up with everyone. Cheers! EDIT
Debbie Turner Promotions Manager and Presenter, Kids show host EDIT
Debra (Debbie) Williamson Senior Graphic Artist/Designer/Photographer.

Denis Wright
Senior Technician – ex TCN 9 Sydney – studio and transmitter duties. One of the three original senior technicians who played a major part in installing all equipment at the studio and transmitter sites. Once the station went to air, the three senior technicians were responsible for the technical support and maintenance of all equipmnet at both sites.
Denis was at the audio console for the Opening Night program. He had spent two days and nights without sleep getting the audio system up and runningt for this occasion. After that night, he slept for tweny four hours straight. (Well almost!)
Later became special equipment constructor and maintenance technician at studio – returned to Sydney for family reasons after about six years, to become involved in his father’s radio and cabinet manufacturing business. (A disaster.)
He was also booth announcer when regular the announcer was not available.
Was to have taken over as Engineer in Charge SDQ 4, but this arrangement was not proceeded with, as the DDQ 10 board members decided to have the transmitter installed in the Telecom transmitter building, and telecom took over the running and maintenance of the transmitter facility. (To reduce costs.)
Married a local girl during this time in Toowoomba. His wife, Judith, (nee Smallhorn,) died in Sydney, at an early age after moving to Sydney, leaving behind a yound son, David, who had been born at the Toowoomba General Hospital.
Denis probably has the only collection of photos of installation and construction of the DDQ10 studio and transmitter facilities. These he had taken whilst installing equipment at both sites.
Denise Marshall c. 1966 - vision/audio switching
Denny Fachin Technician EDIT
Derek Curtis Co-Ordinator, Tape Op EDIT
Des McWilliam Newsreader EDIT
Desmae Gardiner c. 1966  Traffic
Diane Horne Newsroom typist c. 1965-67 - nickname 'Dixie'.  For a news item wore the first miniskirt ever seen in Toowoomba down Ruthven Street.

Yes this true. I commissioned the mini skirt story (and filmed--wasn't going to let Bob Hargreaves get that one!!! Used a long lens- so we could stand well back so not to give away the surprise effect) after Jean Shrimpton modelled her famous mini skirt at the Melbourne Cup. It caused a big hooha so I figured an even bigger hooha would follow in  conservative Toowoomba. The reaction showed I was right. There was a second staffer with Dixie also wearing a mini skirt but she prefers to go unnamed. Street  interviews showed most Toowoomba men approved. We didn't win a Walkley but had lots of fun. Ian Leslie.

I think I might still have a couple of photographs I took in Ruthven Street when we did that story.  If I can find them I'll add them to the stories section.  Bob Pounds

Dianne Jones Journalist and (sometimes) Acting News Editor 1978-83. Arthur had a zillion weeks of holidays in the kitty when I started on the hill. Each time he was directed to take time off, I got a "promotion", in name only. Worked for the ABC (radio news) full- and part-time for the next 17 years and loved it. Since 2000 I've been a lecturer in broadcast journalism at USQ. Completed a Masters' in Journalism and am now a PhD candidate (= no life). We still have the horse stud and we run beef cattle as well. Can't make the reunion but best wishes to all.   EDIT
Don Duffus 82-84 Audio, station voice,and commercial writer and producer. Worked on Telethon 21. 87-91 .Commercial writer, producer, Director. Moved to Production Manager and Acting station manager (worked on Telethon 25).left 91 Manager 10 Toowoomba and General Manager of 7 Darwin and 7 Central. Last 10 years as National Marketing Manager Home Ice Cream .fondest memory's late 80,s prior to aggregation  EDIT
Don Nicholson
Station General Manager – (Ex Brisbane advertising company)
Don Nicholson was appointed the first General Manager of the new TV station in Toowoomba. He remained in this position for several years. After this time Don Nicholson returned to Brisbane to take up Advertising Manager’s position with 4BH.
His position was filled by DDQ 10’s board appointing Stan Fitzpatrick as his replacement.
Don Savage
Junior Technician – 
Chief Engineer - Channel 10 Brisbane
Don Savage joined the TV station as a junior technician and became one of the studio/transmitter staff. After Don achieved his TVOCP qualifications he stayed with DDQ10 for some years. Eventually he resigned and accepted the position of Chief Engineer of Channel 0 in Brisbane.
It was around this time that both DDQ 10 and TVQ 0 swapped their transmitting frequencies. This was done by the Australian Government so that TVQ 0 would now be up with both Channel 7 and Channel 9. (upper end of the allocated frequency band.) This caused a major problem for DDQ 10 as both new transmitters and antenna systems had to be replaced with new components.
Don Walker Technician. Had earlier been Snr Tec at 4GR for many years. NZ Navy before that. Moved to NTD8 Darwin as Teck in 75/76 and returned back to NZ with wife & Daughter in 1979. Whereabouts unknown EDIT
Doreen Edwards Film Handling EDIT
Doug Sternes I have the dubious honour of having worked ‘on the hill’ six times since 1971. I started as despatch boy at DDQ straight out of school. It was Ian Leslie who gave me the job after I represented St Mary’s College in Dalby on ‘Make The Grade’. I wrote to Ian after the show expressing an interest in working in television. I eventually became a film cameraman and film processor - mainly news but a little bit of production work.  Then I took a detour into radio for thirteen years returning to 10-4-5a in the mid eighties as a copywriter which kind of morphed into a commercial producer over time. Every little while I’d get itchy feet and go off and do something else and then return to the hill for a bit. I have great memories of my time at the station and really value the relationships I developed over the years. I especially enjoyed those times in the mid-eighties (pre-Coffs and aggregation).  EDIT
Elaine Pampling Tea Lady and cream biscuit provider...and we have found her!  Everyone's favorite Tea Lady.
Still very busy as always.  In 2007, was the winner of an Australia Day award, very involved with the Scouts and the Asthma Foundation, involved with the Royal Agriculture Society for 12 Years, currently on the RAS Show committee, was the activity coordinator for tha Amaroo Retirement Village whilst her Mum was a resident and has two very successful grown up kids each in their own careers....some of you might remember them coming up to the station from time to time....Jacki and Mark.
Elizabeth McClutchie EDIT
Emma Brosnan Sales and Production Assist EDIT
Eric Napper Co-Ord, Tape Op, Camera, Editor, Producer, Director. Did time at QTQ, CTC, TEN   Now Executive Producer at ABC in Canberra.   EDIT
Errol R J Morrison As Presenter recruited by  salesman Bill HIlls . Started in 1975 as host of "An Afternoon affair with Errol" , Peter Koury Directed it soon after he arrived. Did just about every thing, from news to hosting live presentations and next in lines. When Peter Koury went back to Boston did  "Uncle Ebenezer G Dragon the 3rd" with Jill Ray and Debbie Turner. Came back many years later to do Weather, but got into too much trouble stirring the Stanthorpeites with their low temps? EDIT
Evan Ouwerkerk Engineer EDIT
Fleur McLeod Presenter Coffee Break EDIT
Frank Balfour

Supervising Engineer - Later Chief Engineer ? – Later period – ex TCN 9 transmitter staff.

Chief Engineer in early 70's. 

Fred Pimm Accountant EDIT
Gail (Stormy) Thompson News Assistant EDIT
Gail Jeffries (Felganhauer) First presenter of Channel 10 Juniors (Kids Show) EDIT
Gary Rozynski

Station Manager (Current)

I think that i can now claim to be the longest serving staffer, 32 years in October, started in Sales in 1980 with Bill Hills as Sales Manager and Laurie Burrows as Manager. The next 6 years or so were definitely the 'good old days', looking back what the station achieved in that period for a Regional station, with the Brisbane overlap was remarkable, there wouldn't have many other statons that could have matched the output from 10.4.5a/Vision Tv.

I look forward to playing' host' to many of you on September 29!

Gary Schweikert
1971-1975 DIspatch, Production & On Air Co-ordinator. Put the station to air the night we went to COLOUR..
When I turned 21, and was due an adult wage, I was graded technician grade B (in Training). After 4 years, I felt had done by, so off I went to Brisbane!
BTQ7 Bris 1975-76, TEN10 Syd 1976-1989 TVQ 10 Bris 1989-1994, then Sydney Production Company Big Hat Pictures.
There are a series of photos to the right here, thanks to my great workmate at the time, Peter Enright!
Gary Thompson Stringer - Dalby and the Downs. RIP  EDIT
Gary Wockner EDIT
Gavin Ashton Started as News cameraman in January 74, then moved to Production and on air co ordinator, tap operator, Audio and camera op. Got retrenched with about 10 others in July 1975. Moved to NTD 8 Darwin as Co ordinator and tape op. Drove there with Ross Jamison, and later joined by Darryl Potts and Don Walker. Left NTD8 in 1979.Worked for CBN8 Orange in 1980 and was Facilities Supervisor at BTQ7 from 81-86. Joined Sony in 86 as Tape Sales and later Qld State Sales manager for Professional Business. Now living at 1770 as as Real Estate agent and Holiday Property Manager. EDIT
Gemma Wilkie Operations Secretary EDIT
Geoff Gold
Junior Technician
Geoff Gold was the first junior technician employed by the TV station. Geoff was also one of the junior technicians involved in the three week cycle of one week transmitter shifts and two weeks studio shifts. He worked mainly with Denis Wright on the rotating shifts.
Geoff resigned from DDQ10 at about four years and went to Brisbane. He died in Brisbane  a short time later.
Geoff Owen Co_Ord, Tape Op, Cameraman EDIT
Geoff Walburn Chief/Station Engineer EDIT
George Bayliss Stringer - Nanango c. 1966
Georgina Davidson (Hurst) Traffic EDIT
Glenda Schilf (Hartwig) Film Handling 1965-1968 working with Rhys Morris and Cheryl Gilbert. During the years since my Television years I have worked as Kindergarten Teacher for many years and also Real Estate Salesperson and Property Manager. Have two sons and one daughter and ten grand-children. Now semi-retired still running our cattle property with husband, Neville EDIT
Gloria Prentice Presenter - Gloria's Ad Mag EDIT
Gordon Snell
Senior Technician –
 studio and transmitters – ex Brisbane
Continued at station for about six years. Unsure where he went to after DDQ10.
Gordon Thurling Graphic Artist EDIT
Graham Ehler
Technician  1970-1974
Moved to Brisbane on the weekend of the  1974 Floods . Last days at DDQ were spent mopping the  Ground floor and the studio as rainwater was seeping in through the front Glass windows  running down the front stairs  to the ground floor.  Now run my own  Management & Technology Integration Co. in Brisbane
Graham Martin Company Secretary EDIT
Graham Rayner
Graham Young EDIT
Graham Young

I started with DDQ in an office in Ruthven St quite some time before Don Nicholson and I ,as well as others, moved into the new station at Mt Lofty.I was the first member of the production staff and was responsible for implementing most of what appeared on opening night and long after.I was the original News editor and had the honor of producing  and switching   the station to air on the opening night.Sitting in the control room sweating in case anything went wrong while celebrations took place in the studie below.They were great days working with Neill Phillipson on many and varied news stories  as  well as producing the news each night.I gave Ian Leslie his first job in TV,little knowing what a great success he would make of it.Little did I know then that my very efficient news typist woulld evenyually marry my star recruit.We are still very close friends.I could write a book about those days - no one would believe it.

I went on to become a producer/director for Artransa film productions in Sydney working in their studios in Melbourne until Fairfax sold it off and closed the facility. 



Greg Lederhose Engineer EDIT
Greg Waite Production Editor EDIT
Harry (John) Hartogh
Promotions Director
Started in 1984 as a Program coordinator then moved to Promotions 2 years later.  Made redundant after Aggregation and worked at Pacific Television until they closed (not his fault).  Then worked for TNQ, MVQ, and TEN until moving to Maroochydore as Senior Commercial Director for SEQ. Held this position for 7 years then left to free-lance and concentrate on Internet based multi-media.  Currently creates digital Castles for 3-D virtual reality worlds overseas.
Harry Bell Studio Supervisor, Janitor, Cleaner, Props Man, teller of wicked jokes, Fisherman & down right legendorely missed. EDIT
Heather Whiggam Operations EDIT
Helen Batterham (Cant)

Traffic Manager and later Sales Rep

Started with DDQ 1980 Anselmo Morisini employed me in traffic .... left early 1986 for Cairns where my first my daughter Shannon was born Loved working at DDQ with a great team of people...My fingers have never been the same after writing up every single spot on every single booking from those Sales Reps!! Was glad when the automated system was introduced! I can remember running out to presentation with a commercial change in the next break - boy how have things have changed now! Currently working at WIN TV as a Sales Guru - have been there for 18 1/2 years! (Silly girl!) Also loved having Elaine dropping by with our morning cup of teas & biscuits! (Have to make our own cup of tea now!) and Harry Bells Damper! The great old times!

Howard Schefe Sales Rep EDIT
Ian Bowes Sales Rep EDIT
Ian Golding Technical operator.  Moved to Gold Coast as professional photographer early 80’s EDIT
Ian Leslie OAM Ian Leslie OAM. Commenced duty 18th June 1962 as Trainee Cinematographer and Cadet Journalist. As DDQ's first news reporter helped built the station's news team under News Editor, Graham Young. Filmed, reported news, current affairs, sport and general events for 10 years. In subsequent years became principal News anchor. In 1964 appointed co-News Editor with Bob Hargreaves. 1968 assistant Program Manager and two years later Program Manager responsible for all general programming and News. 
Leslie left the station October 1972 to join The Ten Network Sydney newsroom where he quickly stamped his reputation as a fearless,un-relenting investigative reporter. 1977 joined TCN 9, A Current Affair. 1978 invited to join the original reporting team, of 60 Minutes under legendary Executive Producer, Gerald Stone. Ian Leslie, Ray Martin and George Negus quickly became National household names in the ground breaking Public Affairs Program, entering the homes of Australians, every Sunday Night, 7.30. This was ground breaking television, says Leslie, destroying the myth that Sunday nights were reserved for light entertainment only. And also that News reporting was only believeable, if delivered in a conservative, serious and most times boring fashion. Stone and his boys proved that News could be informative and entertaining. They are credited with ushering Australian Commercial Network reporting onto the International stage, a field dominated by the ABC. For the first time Australian commercial audiences were seeing Australian reporters bringing International events onto their screens. It is acknowledged that Leslie/Martin and Negus were role models for hundreds of aspiring reporters to follow. Ian Leslie is the recipient of every major respected news award for his reporting both National and International. Thorn Award for News Reporting, three time Logie winner for Best News Report and Reporter of The Year and Journalism's most coveted Award, The Walkley. In 2009 Ian Leslie was recognized for his services to Journalism with an OAM. Today he runs a media company in Sydney with his wife of 46 years, Jan. Proud parents of Jayne and Peter Leslie and very proud Grandparents of Zavia,Tahlia and Sienna.Leslie says his  early days at DDQ Channel Ten are amongst the most exciting days of his journalistic career. "These were pioneering times I cherish. I will never forget reporting for duty that first day in June. The very first person I met happened to be Jan Penhaligon. Sitting at reception, looking groomed and glamorous, she politely asked this nervous cadet reporter, who I wished to see. I said the News Editor. Little did I know that this confident girl was just as nervous as I was. She also had started her first day at Ten....just 15 minutes before me. Four years later we were married. How DDQ Ten survived the challenges of a brutal, competitive commercial environment, while other stations have disappeared and is still in business 50 years later, amazes me. Much of that I believe is due to the work and dedication of that original team all those years ago. We worked twelve fifteen hours a day, sometimes seven days a week for very low wages. We loved it and that is why we did it. My enduring disappointment, that Parramatta hasn't won an NRL Premiership for 26 years. 
Remembered as once showing a technical type the pilot for the original "Young Talent Time" - asked Tec "what do you think of that?". Tec answered "Crap".
IL said "It's great". Bought the show.....The rest is history!
Ian Scott-Hunter Sales Rep EDIT
Ian Turnball Sales Rep EDIT
Illona Benningfield 1991-1993 Annoying work experience chic who wouldn’t go away. 1999-2002 News camera op & editor, studio cam & tape op. 2002-2003 News exchange, graphics, pres op and reception. Then freelanced for 9, 7 & ABC Bris news while running my own small production business until 2008. Then started BachEd which I will be finishing at the end of 2012. EDIT
Jace McIntyre Sales Rep, Station Manager EDIT
Jack Hardy  I started at DDQ in 1967 & worked mainly as a news cameraman with an occasional documentry and later with the commercial production companies Video 10 & Crown Productions that the station set up in Brisbane. These 23 years were the best years of my life & I'd like to thank guys like Rhyse Morris & Arthur Copeland for the inspiration & guidance they gave me. I am now working as an estimator for a construction company & enjoying life in Brisbane. I am really looking forward to reuniting with all the wonderful  people I had the pleasure of working with.  EDIT
Jacqui Rowe Graphic Artist EDIT
Jacub Jacko Production Cameraman, Director EDIT
James Carrett Production Manager 1990s - I think August '91 until February 2002. Loved the place and the people. We did a lot of good work but always loved the Carnival of Flowers and Endeavour Rally work. Left to take an EP role with The Commonwealth Bank's TV network and still there working in broadcast production and delivery strategy. Our two children Alice & Edward both born there and are qualified Maroons supporters - they are now 17 & 13. EDIT
James O'Shea Sports Journalist and News Editor (COS) EDIT
Jamie Rule Journalist EDIT
Jamie Wilson News Cameraman EDIT
Jan Hardy Sales Secretary EDIT
Jan Leslie (Penhalligan) One of the original team at DDQ Channel Ten. Joined the station June 18,1962 as receptionist and assistant to accounts manager and pay master. Her first job. Looking back, she says "these were exciting, fun days with a great team who loved what they were doing. We were all new to Television.   Heady,exciting, pioneering times that will always have a special place in my life.
Some workmates remain very close friends today. We worked hard, laughed a lot, had many great tennis nights.  I guess when you love what you are doing, there is always enough energy".
At 4pm Jan would move from her accounts desk to the news room to type the evening news scripts. She would share this role with her close friend Roslyn Walters. The girls would alternate weekends for news duties often working seven days a week.
Jan recalls, on her first day's work an apprehensive young man reporting for his first day on the job. Cadet reporter Ian Leslie.
"I was nervous too but I wasn't going to show it. Who would you like to see I asked? The news editor, Graham Young, he replied. Well just take a seat.....Fours years later we married, the beginning of a wonderful partnership that's lasted 46 years".
Jan(nee Penhaligon) was born on the Darling Downs. Her father had returned from war service in New Guinea and took up farming on a property near Allora. 
Jan went to PGC girls college Warwick and  graduated with letters. A Music A, LTCL.(London Trinity College London). On moving to Toowoomba she took up the position as accompanist for the Toowoomba Choral Society. Studying under legendry Mary Childs.
Competing in Eisteddfods against another Toowoomba music talent, Geoffrey Saba who went on to become a world renowned concert pianist. When Channel Ten broadcast its first musical special, Jan performed under Director Keith Paton.
It was at that time Jan was faced with the toughest decision of her working life. Pursue her music and embark on a career as a concert pianist or continue in television. She stayed with Ten, got married and became a Mum. 

Jane Harris (Moon) Sales Secretary EDIT
Jane Jewel (Costello) Children's Show Presenter EDIT
Jane Mogg Sales Rep EDIT
Janette O'Keefe EDIT
Jarrod Penfold Cameraman EDIT
Jason Foley Cameraman EDIT
Jason Kluver Journalist EDIT
Jeff Gear EDIT
Jenny King (Hill) Started at DDQ in 1984 after doing work experience during Telethon 21.  Started in Traffic Department doing key numbers.  Helped oversee the computerisation of the Traffic Department...a Prime Mainframe!  Married David King (engineering) in 1987 and became Traffic Manager in 1988.  Resigned in 1990 to give birth to a beautiful Son and become a full time Mother.  Still packing David’s lunchbox. EDIT
Jenny Nock (Watson)

Joined DDQ 10 in January 1967, aged 17, as Secretary to Bob Fry, Programme Manager.  A few weeks later I gained a second role as presenter of 10/4 Roundup (live kids show) with Bill Hills and Kay Dean.  Ian Leslie & wife Jan, Bill Hills, Kay Dean and I would sometimes be asked to judge at balls and other charity events in the Toowoomba area. (eg. Belle of the Ball etc.).  One weekend we had a lot of fun recording a show for DDQ's 5th birthday.  Dinah Lee performed a couple of songs for the show. Nell Robinson, our State's first female Lord Mayor, would come in regularly for her on-air up-date.  We had some great tennis nights.  Shirley Martin was always taking great publicity shots for The Chronicle and the TV Guide.  I loved working at DDQ 10 and had lots of fun with my work colleagues. My time was cut short when I left at the end of 1968 to marry and had 3 children.  Moved to Brisbane and returned to secretarial work after several years and joined the accounting firms of Arthur Andersen and Coopers & Lybrand.  Moved to Gold Coast in 1995, where I worked for an architectural firm and I am retired now.  I joined Masters Swimming when I moved to Gold Coast and enjoy training and competing at meets.

Jenny Underwood EDIT
Jenny Woodward (Mackie) Started at DDQ as a presenter. Did weather and community notices and eventually read news with Arthur Copeland and Chris Rolfe. Produced the children's content at the station for a couple of years with Jill Ray as the hostess. We also made a number of variety programs with singing, dancing and other variety entertainment. There was a cooking show too and  the usual assortment of coverage of the Carnival of Flowers parades, Stanthorpe Apple and Grape and the Warwick Rose and Rodeo Festival. Do they still exist?? Loved working at DDQ it was an exciting time to be in television.  Moved to Brisbane when I married and worked on Wombat for a couple of years, then joined the ABC as Weather presenter where I have been ever since. Lots of other opportunities with the ABC, stories for current affairs, concerts and parades.  Currently putting together a regular show - The Weather Quarter for NEWS24 as well as continuing with the weather - all from our brand new studio at Southbank.
Hope you all have a great time at the reunion..I loved working at DDQ and remember it very fondly.  Really sorry I can't make it. Looking forward to seeing the pics on the web!
Jill Ray-Black

Kids Show Presenter - I remember my audition for the Childrens show very clearly.  I was in year 11 at Mt Lofty High (Toowoomba State High) and in my biology class when the head mistress informed me I had an appointment at 10/4/5a.  That was the end of that class !!

I arrived at the station in my new red coloured dress feeling very nervous and excited.  I remember seeing Bill Hills in the corridor and thinking 'WOW, that's Bill Hills' !!! Imagine when I was introduced to Arthur Copeland "Scoop" - my legs felt like jelly. 

Everyone at the station was always welcoming & not afraid of sharing skills.   I learnt a lot about many fields of television, thanks to talented staff members.  I soon became a Jill of all trades (operated camera, audio, videotape machines, Promotions, presenter of weather, community events etc).  That title of 'Jill of all trades' has given me the confidence in life to give things a go which I am still doing. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing the many faces of the past & sharing a few stories that will bring back some fond memories and laughs. 

Jim Fagg Presenter, VO talent EDIT
Joan Erbacher (Andrews) Joined DDQ in 1963.Worked as receptionist,then general office duties,payroll and traffic.Left in 1973 to have her first child,then rejoined from 1973 to 1980 to work on the share registry. EDIT
Joanna Dettel EDIT
Joanne Beazley News and Production Assistant EDIT
Joanne Sander I fell into the crazy world of television at 17  (1989), gave Graham Rayner some stupid description of what I thought the role of a Copywriter was  & he laughed so hard he figured there was some creativity in me. I made the trek across the carpark each evening to operate the Autocue for the evening news & left when aggregation took place (1990?).  Life after Video Avenue:  Copywriter Ten & Win Townsville (4yrs); UK Visa/travel (2yrs);  Sales Win Toowoomba (5min); Copywriter Win Cairns (2yrs); Trolly Dolly Gulf Air Bahrain (3yrs); First Aid/Retail Toowoomba (3yrs); Paramedic Qld Ambulance (last 8yrs) EDIT
Joe Burns
Senior Technician – 
and transmitters – ex Brisbane – ABC
Resigned after about 5 years. Went to ABC Rockhampton studios.
John Anderson Sales Rep c.1965-66
John Bean ACS News Cameraman in the mid-to-late 80s. As most people would be aware, we lost John in a tragic ABC helicopter crash at Lake Eyre while on assignment in August 2011. In recent years, based in Brisbane, he had been a sought-after cinematographer within the ABC production environment, not only because of his stunning ability to shoot brilliant images, but also for his easy-going and agreeable personality and great work ethic. His credits included regular shooting for the ABC's highly regarded rural TV program Landline with his wife, reporter and now presenter, Pip Courtney. John died with helicopter pilot Gary Ticehurst and journalist Paul Lockyer. Their work had been legendary, and their loss was devastating not only for their own families but for the ABC family around the country and overseas. Tributes poured in from all over the world and John is missed every day by those who knew and loved him. Since he died, John has been awarded accreditation with the Australian Cinematographers Society with his letters, ACS. He should have applied long ago but just never thought his work was quite up to standard for that accreditation. He was both incredibly talented and incredibly humble. (Craig Berkman) EDIT
John Briffa Tape Op, News Cameraman and Documentary Maker. Worked at DDQ from 82-88. Moved to QTQ 9 and worked as a senior news VT editor,90-92 based in London working for SKY News and NBC America, 93-96 back in Brisbane freelance for shows like Totally Wild (10) and Wildlife (9), 96-2000 ABC 2 News and Current Affairs VT editor. 2001 became a Mr Mom bought a hobby farm near Clifton/Allora and raised my 2 kids and a small vineyard and relied on my good wife to pay the bills. Now share my vineyard duties between paddock and being a school chaplain. Loved DDQ for the camaraderie and the fun we had. They seemed to be the last of the 'good times' in television. Or maybe we all just grew up and became parents.    EDIT
John Elliot Promotions EDIT
John Harrison Stringer at Warwick in the mid to late 60s. John had a good 'eye' for news, and his camera work was technically superb.

John served as a photographer with the RAAF during World War II, and the Australian War Memorial has more than 4,000 of his images catalogued.  

There's even a photo of John himself at

John sadly passed away in Canberra at a good age in December 1991 
John Hill
Junior Technician
John Hill was the son of Noel Hill, who had become the new Chief Engineer after Stan Owen retired.
John Kaarsberg Sports Journalist EDIT
John McLeod Commenced in 1964 as a trainee technician  working with Wally Biggs.   Studied by correspondence through AWA and obtained the Broadcast Station Operator’s Certificate (‘66) and Television Station Operator’s Certificate (‘68).  In mid-1967 moved to the television station at Wagga Wagga as senior tech, then in mid-1968 to Coff’s Harbour in the same role.  In 1969 moved to the Space Tracking station near Cooby Dam as senior digital technician.  Involved in experimentation exercises that were used to define many of the engineering parameters required for modern day space communications.  Moved to Canberra to work at Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station and was involved in all the lunar landings, the Skylab project, joint US-Soviet manned flight and several unmanned space flights.  This environment led to my interest in computers and I taught myself to write computer programs.  Married in 1970 and commenced part-time studies in Canberra in 1976,where our first son was born. Spent a  one-month study trip to Cape Canaveral/Kennedy, Florida in ‘76 then moved into the Aus Defence Department late 1977 in computer related activities. Our second son was born in 1978. Obtained a Computing degree in 1980 and in 1981 went to work for Telecom in the computing division. Retired from Telstra in 2003 and, as a single man again, commenced all those interesting activities that only retired people get the chance to do.   EDIT
John Peel Former car salesman who joined Sales Dept in 70's. Loved media! EDIT
John Penglis Mate of Stan Fitzpatricks (Early GM) and the General Manager of QRTV Brisbane (national agent for DDQ). EDIT
Juanita Mckeen Tape Op EDIT
June Voll Personal assistant to general managers, Stan Fitzpatrick and Laurie Burrows. EDIT
Karl Goodmanson
1989 - 1998 Started off in the promotions department with John Hartogh until aggregation happened and then got absorbed into the production department proper. Cameraman/editor/director I had the dubious honor of having to wear all these hats as many did in regional television at the time.
Left the then WIN TV to go and seek my fortune in London (still looking for it by the way) where i freelanced as a news cameraman, Had to cover most of the big conflicts (including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq) between 1998 and 2006. In 2006 I joined CBS News (the American not Canadian broadcaster) and have been with them for the past 6 years (you may of seen some of my work on Ch 10 Aus (partners) with my correspondent at the time Charlie D’Agata). But have just resigned and am going freelance again. Unless someone out there has a better offer????
Karl Klumper News Cameraman EDIT
Kate Worthington (Tudic/White) Copywriter, Presenter EDIT
Kath Walker Sales Rep EDIT
Katherine Carmichael Journalist, Presenter EDIT
Kathryn Doyle Journalist/Newsreader EDIT
Kathy Clifford Production Secretary  EDIT
Kathy Nielsen (Watts)

Promotions Marketing & Publicty

Radio 4AK - 3.5 years

WIN Television Toowoomba, Wide Bay & Sunshine Markets - 4.5 years

Seven Brisbane & Seven Queensland - 13 years

Married 16 years, son Oscar 6 in Grade 1 at Stella Maris College 

Still dabbles in marketing with some local and national companies

Kay Tampi (Dean) Kids Show Host. Kay also doubled up as organist for various programs produced by DDQ10. She eventually left and moved to NSW. EDIT
Kaye Wilkinson Journalist, Newsreader EDIT
Keith Hoffman Technician EDIT
Keith Paton
Station Electrician – later program director -
Keith was appointed electrician for the station a position he held for a short time until he decided that he would like to become involved in the directing side of television.
Kelly Mitchell (Perks) Production Clerk - News Exchange, Auto Cue, Ado’s and Reception... but not Coffee B**ch, despite numerous requests from the production crew. EDIT
Kerry Davies Weathergirl late 70’s EDIT
Kevin Bartlett
Senior Technician – ex TV station Sydney.
Kevin joined the station some years after station opened. He remained for only a short time before returning to Sydney.
Kieran Toohey Sports Journalist EDIT
Kim Sharpe Started work in the production department in March 1974 and covered all aspects of production work. Along the way I had the opportunity to work on air hosting Coffee Break from time to time,presenting commercials, reading the evening news when Arthur Copeland was on holidays and hosting special programs and lots of voice over work. Left DDQ in 1978 to join 4GR and then moved from there to 2KO Newcastle. I left radio in 1984 and spent the next 20 years or so working in advertising agencies in Newcastle and Sydney. I now live on the Gold Coast EDIT
Kirsty boazman Journalist WIN Rocky, Toowoomba, Townsville & Canberra EDIT
Korrine Matthews EDIT
Kris Woldt News Cameraman EDIT
Kristina Harazim After working 3-and-a-half years with The (Tmba) Chronicle, I started my TV career as a reporter/producer/COS/news presenter with WIN News in 1997. Employed as a reporter/weather presenter by 7 News (Maroochydore) in 2000. Began working freelance (news reporting, copy writing, PR, documentary writing, media training, field producing, corporate video production, voice-over, etc) in 2004 - main clients included 7 News (Brisbane), Caloundra City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Toowoomba City Council, ABC News (Brisbane), etc. Also worked full-time contracts with the ABC (TV & radio news plus Stateline) in between. Moved to Los Angeles in 2010 & continued freelance reporting and field producing for all Australian TV networks. Field producer for The 7PM Project and private video productions in LA. Journalism lecturer at the USQ (Tmba & Springfield) and 7 News reporting again in 2011. Currently on a short-term contract with Qld Health (senior media advisor). EDIT
Kylie Barron Journalist EDIT
Kylie Marsden Cameraperson, Editor EDIT
Kym Adams Producer, Director, Presenter.... Thanks for the great memories everyone. Cheers! EDIT
Kym Erbacher (Patterson) Production EDIT
Lance Tews Cameraman, Director EDIT
Laura Cocks Journalist EDIT
Laura Demarchelier Journalist EDIT
Lauren Hill EDIT
Laurie Burrows Station Manager 1972 - 1989. Followed Stan Fitzpatrick.

See more interesting stories and memories from Laurie's time at the station here
Leith Manifold
Joined the then DDQ 10/4/5a (Great Eastland Television) in 1977 as Announcer/Newsreader/Compere/Promo Producer - left in 1980 to go to  TNT-6 (Hobart) to do the same duties - left Tassie in 1985 to go to  NRN-11 Coffs Harbour; leaving 9 months later to go to TNQ-7 Townsville  as Newsroom Chief of Staff & News Producer; leaving in 1992  to join TVQ-10 in Brisbane as News Producer but  also carrying out Chief of Staff/Reporting /Reading (Sport and News)  then Newsroom Information Officer (looking after bringing the News Library  into the Computer Age).
I took a voluntary redundancy last year (2011) to concentrate on my new career as a Marriage Celebrant.
Len Ellwood Junior Tech mid-late1960. Nice MG. EDIT
Leon Adams National sales manager mid-70’s EDIT
Leon Ankersmit Co-Ordinator, Tape Op EDIT
Leonie Brunner (Willett) Co-Ord, Tape Op, Promotions, Sales EDIT
Liana Arthy EDIT
Libby Mills 1970’s and again later - tech department EDIT
Linda Rother Accounts Receivable clerk in 1989 EDIT
Lisa Campbell Account Executive Officer April 2006 - October 2007. EDIT
Lisa Chalk Journalist, Production and News Assistant EDIT
Lisa Honeywill Journalist, News Editor EDIT
Lisa Krivoroutchko Copywriter  EDIT
Liz Smith Journalist EDIT
Lorraine Ball (Lea) News Secretary, Secretary to Program Manager (1967 - 1972) EDIT
Lyn Large c. 1966
Madison Hebbard Sales EDIT
Marcus Hudswell Sales EDIT
margaret brookman (roache EDIT
Margaret McMullen (O'Conner) Cleaner and canteen lady - station tour guide EDIT
Margrita Vanini Journalist EDIT
Marilyn Harth c. 1966 - office
Marita Ramia (Taylor) Journalist, Newsreader EDIT
Mark Alexander News Cameraman EDIT
Mark Geisel Sales Rep EDIT
Mark Jameson Copywriter EDIT
Mark Osborne Office Manager, Accounts EDIT
Martin Bunyard News Reporter at WIN News Rockhampton and WIN News Darling Downs.
Mary Bartley EDIT
Mary-Ellen Ryan Journalist - started at DDQ in 1985 when the half hour Here Tonight service was launched. It was a great experience, we had a lot of fun and we may even have kept a few folk informed. You never know. I have fond memories of Scoop soldiering on valialantly through the noise and chaos of the approaching deadlines as Bill Walker, Naomi Beazley and I elbowed each other out of the way to record voice tracks so our cameramen could get on and start editing stories. We tried the patience of Craig Burgess, Jack Hardy, Mick Erbacher and John Briffa I know, but things mostly got done on time and roughly in the right order. I salute their patience and professionalism. Thanks for the great pictures also to Peter Collins, Olley (there's only one Olley), Bruce McGuigan, Gary Thompson and Finchy. Jim Sweeney would go out on the road with Bruce and Gary for days and come back with a swag of charming yarns that gave authentic voice to people from small communities who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to be heard. I loved those stories Sween. Thank you too to Billy Walker for teaching Beaze and I how to pack down as a proper rugby union front row. Right on deadline. In the newsroom. A legion of Darling Downs physios and chiropracters would probably also like to express their appreciation to Naomi Bruisely for the work she put their way. Was there anyone in the building she did not bear hug at least two feet off the ground? Thanks to all at 10.4.5a in those years for the great memories. Jim Bob EDIT
Maryann Hine I worked as a tea girl/receptionist at DDQ 10 during 1968-69. It was my very first job. EDIT
Matt Grant News Editor (COS) EDIT
Melinda Wells (Witt) Kids Show Host EDIT
Melissa Mallett Journalist EDIT
Michael Cox Cameraman EDIT
Michael Davie Journalist. 

WIN was my first job right out of Uni and I loved it. It was the best telly training a boy could have. After a year in Toowoomba I took off to Cape Town to start work on an indie documentary series and have been working in that field for the last 16 years. I wish I could be there for the reunion. Cheers to you all!
Michael Erbacher Production Cameraman, Director EDIT
Michael Fleming Production Manager, Director, Camerman EDIT
Michael Metcalfe Co-Ord, Tape Op EDIT
Michael Reda EDIT
Michael Scanlan Journalist EDIT
Michael Scanlan Journalist. EDIT
Michelle Schneider

Promotions, Sales, Presenter,News and Executive Secretary,Receptionist,Co Producer Midweek Live with Craig Berky Berkman!!

I started at Vision TV in 1987 as a casual employee, being placed mostly in Copy department, News, Sales, Reception.  My casual job turned into being there at least 20 hours per week. When the full time receptionist resigned  in 1988, I filled in until a replacement could be found..........I never left until 1994. I have fond memories of "the hill" - we had so much fun back then!! How times have changed?  Some of my memories include Harry B Bell doing damper for us....and how the building would be filled with the  aroma of it and we would all line up in that tea room, waiting to get our hands on the butter and Golden Syrup.  Then there were the times when a guest never arrived for Coffee Break or Midweek Live and I would always have a spare set of clothes and backing track ready to take their place.  Harry always built the most gorgeous sets for me.  Vicki T and I would have such fun at lunch time when we would get away and have a countery at the good old Moffatt Hotel......then sneak back 2 hours later......Vicki would always make sure I got a good drive up Mary Street, with a good right into North (on two wheels and smokin).....I'll never forget when Barry Daley was the Manager and we were called into his office on our return, we thought it was the burn out that had got us into trouble - but it was just NRTV putting more work on us???!!!!!  and...... Then I became Secretary for Gary Rozynski - oh boy - I think Gary was secretly relieved when I left - I caused him plenty of stress - wait a minute he caused his all female sales team a lot of stress???!!!!!  (Love ya Gaz).  After I left WIN TV in 1994, I went on to do full time entertainment i.e. street theatre/children's entertainment/theatre restaurant productions/recording.  In 1996 I commenced at 4GR as their U Beaut Ute Chick working with the Breakfast announcer at the time, John Krosch.  Once again (media) I commenced in 1996 as casual and never left until 2003.  I was co host of the John and Ruby Breakfast Show from 1997 to 2003.  We were thrilled to have won a number of awards (Australian Commercial Radio Awards) in our time together.During these years in radio, John (hubby) and I were blessed with 2 children, Harry in 1997 and then Madeleine in 2003.  In March 2004 I ran for a seat on the Toowoomba City Council, little did I know that it would be history breaking in a number of ways......the Recycled Water Debate in 2006 and Amalgamation of Councils in Queensland in 2008 (leaving the council of 2004 to be the LAST Tmba City Ccl).  I was not re elected in 2008, I commenced work in our family business with my Dad (Transport).  At the end of 2008, I was approached by River 949 in Ipswich to be a part of their new Breakky team. The Ruby and Dave Show commenced on 12 January 2009, River is a real family, I guess it is a bit like what we all once had "on the hill". I commute from Tmba to Ippy Monday to Friday.  What can one say?  Media - whether it be TV or Radio or whatever social media is out there today - once it is in your blood - it is difficult to remove.  If I don't get to drop in to the party on September 29 (I have two other committments that day) I  want to thank all of you who gave me so much laughter, tears and the confidence to speak.....(now no one can shut me up). Special thanks to Berky, VT and Gaz!! I also take this opportunity to remember with great love and admiration Harry B Bell; John Bean and the gorgeous Moony (Jane Moon).  THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!!!  GOD's BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!!



Mick Teys Sports reporter in 60's and 70's EDIT
Mike London Presenter, Newsreader EDIT
Mike Rau Sales Rep late 80's EDIT
Mike Smith Cameraman, Director EDIT
Murray Findlay Station Manager EDIT
Murray Reithmuller
Junior Technician
Murray Reithmuller was the second junior technician appointed by the TV station Murray was also one of the junior technicians involved in the three week cycle of one week transmitter shifts and two weeks studio shifts. He worked mainly with Joe Burns on the rotating shifts. A short time after Murray and Sadie married, Murray resigned from the TV station they left for New Guinea where Murray took over the running of a factory manufacturing cement tiles, for his father in law.
Nalda Foote Graphic Artist EDIT
Naomi Cescotto (Beasley) Journalist - Started as a cadet on new half hour news and current affairs programme Here Tonight under news editor Craig Burgess, in 1985.  Was at DDQ three years.  Moved to ABC TV News in Canberra.  Did reporting, presenting, news producer duties.  Legendary cameramen were Jack Hardy, Mick Erbacher and a John Briffa.  Cameraman John Bean later joined the news crew as cameraman/editor/news director.  Here Tonight reporters were Arthur Scoop Copeland, Naomi and Mary Ellen 'Jimbob' Ryan, who came from SBS.
Nat Volz News Cameraman EDIT
Neil Batterham Audio Guru, Cameraman.( I didn't write that) My first freelance assignment was in 1985 when Bruce Mcquiggan picked me up from near Allora to record a church choir singing Christmas carols. I plugged in a Sennheiser ME80 mic and put it on a stand. Tricky stuff! I started full time later that year after repeated requests from Rod Warren to have a full time audio operator. Thanks Rod! I had my initiation behind a camera after all of the production camermen were sick on the same day!  I filmed and edited a story with the fire chief for RATS, the Really Amazing Television Show. It was crap but I had a ball doing it.  I worked as a News camerman from 1990-1995 and then left for QTV production. I went into sales in 2005 and left in 2009 when Macquarie Radio bought Scouthern Cross Ten. I now am in sales at 7 Toowoomba. I must say over the years I have realised that traffic staff, whom are mostly female, are some of the most reliable, hard working and trustworthy humans I have ever met. Luckily I married one...Helen (Cant). EDIT
Neil Cracknell Technician  EDIT
Neil Philipson Announcer and Compere – First announcer of DDQ10 EDIT
Neville Gasmier Co-Ord, tape Op EDIT
Nichole Bidgood (Roney) Journalist EDIT
Nick Bosley Newsreader early 70’s. Had earlier worked as DJ/Announcer at 4GR. EDIT
Nicki Sutton Sales Rep EDIT
Nikki Graham (McCormick) Reporter for the Kids Show RATS - Really Amazing Television Show - 1985 EDIT
Noel Hill
Chief Engineer – second one – ex TCN 9
Noel Hill was appointed to the position of Chief Engineer, after Stan Owen retired. Noel Hill was also from TCN 9 Sydney, where he had been a senior technician within the Transmitter Section of Engineering.
Noel Hill and his family moved to Toowoomba and he remained in this position for several years. His passion was flying and on occasions would take staff members up with him.
Noel Hill had the responsibility of changing DDQ 10 to colour transmission, and the installation of SDQ 4 at Stanthorpe at an earlier time.
Note from Tom Mayze - Hadn't Noel left by the time of conversion to colour? I think Frank Belfour was Chief Engineer by then.
Ove Anderson


Moved from Denmark with wife and Children. Started in either 1969 or 70. Left around '76.

Pat Mould Sales Rep EDIT
Pat O'Shea Sports Reader EDIT
Paul Ament Chief Engineer EDIT
Paul Amos Program Manager EDIT
Paul Epergesi Despatch/Studio Camera EDIT
Paul Erbacher Commenced work at DDQ10 on July 1st 1964 as Despatch Clerk and trainee cameraman.Progressed to News Cameraman (working with Ian Leslie,Bob Hargreaves ,Robert Pounds and Brendan Ward).Next move was to On Air Presentation,followed some years later with a shift to  Sales as Commercial Production Cameraman/Editor. During this time I married Joan Andrews,who worked in the Accounts/Traffic departments. I then became Production Manager. I left the company in July 1986 and moved to QTQ9 as a Producer/Director ,directing Childrens Programmes (Debbie Turner),producing/directing commercials,corporate functions and video presentations. In 1996 I became Operations Supervisor. In  July 2007 I left QTQ 9 and am now working at the QLD Performing Arts Complex (on a casual basis) as Duty Manager/Main Foyer Commissionaire. Still happily married with two daughters,Jodie (married)and Stacey,and two cute grandsons.
Paul Stone Journalist EDIT
Paul Whitney Production Manager, Cameraman, Director... Hope you all have fun wish I could have celibrated with you... EDIT
Paula Acheson Sales Rep EDIT
Peta Walter Weather Presenter EDIT
Peter Carey Children's show host, voice overs. Have a great day/night...  sorry I can't make it. EDIT
Peter Collins

Accountant, News Cameraman


Peter Enright
Junior Production Assistant 1972 - 74
An eager-beaver 18 year-old in Sept. 1972, I took my photographic portfolio for an interview with station manager Laurie Burrows, thinking that perhaps DDQ could use an ace photographer. Luck paid off. The next day I received a telegram offering me a position as a Junior Production Assistant, which turned out to be another name for Despatch Boy. I took over from Doug Sternes as he moved on up in the pecking order. Within a few months I was shooting 16mm monochrome news film, battling the finicky 16mm film processor in the pitch darkness and even a spot of film editing under the tutelage of Rhys Morris. I undertook filming assignments from ace newsreader Phil Fryer. I also learned studio camerawork, audio recording vision mixing and telecine and worked under flamboyant studio director Clive Gilshannon. During this time I formed a close friendships with both Doug and Gary Schweikert as well as enduring a huge teenage crush on pretty weather girl, as well as working alongside graphic artist Debbie Williamson, friendships that remains strong to this day. Gary guided me through the finely-honed skills and attention to detail required to become a Programme Coordinator, although I have sworn not to go into details here about the infamous ‘Maltese Falcon’ incident. There were also fun times on Outside Broadcast gigs at numerous country shows and horse races with Denny Faschin and Graham Ehler. In 1974 I joined the hordes moving onto the Big Smoke in Brisbane and scored a position with ABC Radio, then BTQ7. By the 80s I was a tape operator at TEN 10 Sydney, then a freelance cameraman and worked at several post production facilities including a stint as an editor for TWT at ATN 7. In late ‘88 I moved to London as a freelance editor/vision mixer and producer-director at TVam and MTV Europe. From 96 - 2001 I worked as a cameraman editor and producer-director for an independent British TV production company based in Moscow, shooting and editing news stories and documentaries across Russia and the former Soviet republics. I returned to Australia and for the last few years have worked mainly as a TV producer in Australia, the UK, Russia, China, Southeast Asia & a movie shoot in Saudi Arabia. Currently I am based on the Sunshine Coast, writing and developing a big budget sci-fi TV drama series for the international market. DDQ will always have a special place in my heart as the little country TV station that gave me a start in the television industry.
Peter Finch Production Cameraman 1983 - 86 and sometime voice over man, but always did the Warwick saleyard reports. Came to Toowoomba from Sunshine Television Maryborough/Sunny Coast. Had all the bad habits learned at Sunshine corrected by Anselmo Morisini, learnt more bad ones from Mick, managed to get rugby union stories into the news (in a league-mad station) by placing several pieces of the copy I'd written into Pat's scripts. Biggest triumph was paying back a particular middle-manager who installed a time clock. Super glue. He didn't realise we were at DDQ for love, not for the number of hours we worked. None of us did less than required and we were only too happy to do what was needed to get a job finished. Last heard of that manager was driving a cab. Great memories of Harry Bell, if only every station had a Harry the industry would be the only one to work in; Arthur "Scoop" Copleland the gentleman of the newswroom; Anselmo had the best staff/management skills of any manager I've worked with; Gemma Wilkie for having red hair; Laurie Burrows for making me the face of 10/4/5a as the singing sweeper for the Great Aussie Summer promos, (the raft races!), then followed program hostings, like every country show in the viewing area, compering the Miss Peanut Festival Quest in Kingaroy and being a judge at the Queen of the Tenterfield Autumn Festival (how come a publican's daughter won?);  Naomi Beasley for trying to drink as fast as the boys, and lots of other stuff.

Everyone who has written a testimonial here has expressed the same thoughts in their own way, proving that so many individuals can have identical sentiments for the best TV station to ever operate in regional Australia.
Peter Gable Co-Ordinator, Tape Op EDIT
Peter Harbort Technician  EDIT
Peter Koury Director, Ebeneza G Dragon (Original) Peter went back to Boston , but returned with wife Trisha and son Morgan, They live in brisbane and Peter is a Producer at Cutting Edge. EDIT
Peter McDonald
Junior Technician
Peter McDonald was the third junior technician appointed by the TV station. Peter was also one of the junior technicians involved in the three week cycle of one week transmitter shifts and two weeks studio shifts. He worked mainly with Gordon Snell on the rotating shifts.
However, he moved across to the operational side of the station sometime later. He became a program switcher, assisting Keith Paton who had also moved from the technical staff to become a program director. Peter also assisted in other areas of the production side, and other work on the operational side of the TV station.
Peter Michaels EDIT
Peter O'Dempsey Sports Journalist EDIT
Peter Rookas Lahood Worked part-time with DDQ (& later with WIN) reading sports news in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s when Pat O’Shea was on holidays or away..or just at the races.  Wayne McIntosh and Caroline Barlow made up the news team in those days.  Also called basketball games for DDQ//WIN in the mid ‘90’s with Brendan Parnell (who is now the CEO of SKY Racing).  Was also commentator for major rugby league games covered by the station in the early ‘90’s.   Am now CEO at the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation. EDIT
Peter Worland News Cameraman EDIT
Petrea McCormack

Weather girl - 1971 - 1974

Compared the opening special for colour television to the darling down.s


Phil Fryer Presenter EDIT
Phil Harris EDIT
Phil Lepherd
Camera stringer 1995-1996, News camera 1998-1999, Director 1999-2001.
Moved to London in 2001 and has been a freelance editor since, mainly sketch comedy, sitcom and entertainment.

Phill Seiler Technical Operator and very good teacher when training new staff. Now working as Display Officer at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich
Pippa Alexander Sales Rep EDIT
Rachel Williams (Holland) Copywriter EDIT
Raine Grady


DDQ was a great place to start my career in TV. After Toowoomba I moved to Channel 9 in Brisbane for 4 years. I then made a big move to Bangkok. My partner and I now have our own TV production company in Thailand and we've been lucky enough to produce travel shows for STAR across Asia, Mid-East & Pacific for over a decade, programs for CNBC, documentaries, TV commercials and many corporate videos. I have two sons, Dylan (15) and Tyler (12) and the youngest already has his own TV segment. I've also kept my links with Australia and we do a lot of support work for major TV channels. Today we have 3 weekly TV shows, a hotel channel, a great production unit and our team is now involved in the first Expat channel for Asia. It's great fun and I still love what I do. Happy Anniversary DDQ and a big hello to all my old friends in the garden city and further afield.  

Ray Kirby Newsreader, Copywriter EDIT
Rebecca Smith (McEwen) Tape Op, 1979-1984 EDIT
Rhonda Jones Office staff, film department, Vision Switcher, Accounts EDIT
Rhonda Short On Air Kids show presenter with Peter Koury , and weather Girl.  c .74-76 EDIT
Rhys Morris
Film Editor – Film processor – News Compiler – Head of Film department and film processing
Rhys was responsible for all film handling and processing and assembling news reports from 16mm film produced by the News teams. He remained with the station for many years.

Richard Bruinsma Journalist EDIT
Richard Bruinsma Worked as journalist at Win News, Toowoomba, from 1 September 1997 (the day after Lady Diana's death) until 30 April 1998. EDIT
Richard Greville On-air presenter EDIT
Ricky Gravolin
Station Engineer 

Started as a green junior in 1996 under David King, still here killing off good old analog . 

Robbie Bell Technician. Great bloke, always a smile, always helpful.  RIP Robbie.
Robert Stumpf
Prod Assistant 1976. 
Some studio camera, audio and co-ord. 
Now with 7 Melbourne.

Robin Baileyy Journalist and now breakfast announcer  for 973fm in Brisbane.  EDIT
Robin McLeod (King) Co-Ord EDIT
Robyn Hoffman Traffic EDIT
Robyn Schefe Sales Rep EDIT
Robyn Shaw EDIT
Robyn Shaw
Robyn - Stringer for Dalby District in another life.  Mother to Naomi.
Had many an argument with people who were SURE they knew would say, you perhaps know my daughter...
SHE reads the news...not me....I just do a bit of parish pump news, as Craig used to call it.  As someone has said on this site, once news gets into your blood, it is hard to shake it. 

From DDQ to local newspaper and publicity officer to many organisations, still doing that now.
Widowed but now in a relationship with a wonderful man James Gray in Brisbane.  All the best to you the song says....We did it our way...and we did....we took slides for the news presentations,
Arthur would tut tut if they were a bit under or over exposed....mine were not so of course.  Best wishes.
Rocco Romeo Cameraman, Director EDIT
Rod Ball Station Manager, Operations Manager, Co-Ordinator, Cameraman. Started in 1969 and did two tours of duty under GM's Stan Fitzpatrick and Laurie Burrows. EDIT
Rod Kambouris Asst. Accountant EDIT
Rod Warren Producer, Presenter, Newsreader, Rat (of the Rikki variety) EDIT
Ron Richards Technical and operations EDIT
Ron Scott Sales Manager late 60's early 70's. Left to become GM of MVQ6 Mackay in 1971. Retired to Yamba and died a few years later. EDIT
Rose Pinkham Traffic Manager EDIT
Roslyn Bourne EDIT
Roslyn Young (Walters)
Roslyn was the first person to be employed by the new TV station other than the management.
Roslyn held the position of Secretary to both Don Nicholson and Stan Owen. She continued to work for the company for many years in other senior office and program positions.

Ross Dagan Sports Journalist 1990 EDIT
Ross Jamieson

Started as a News Cameraman in 1974 (Thanks Paul Erbacher for the start and Rhys Morris for understanding and guidance). These were great days and ones I cherish still. That said I still shake in my boots when I think of rising rods in the darkroom.... panic stations..... RHYS!!!!!! I moved from News to Production with the likes of Jack Hardy, Shawn Cosgrove and Gavin Ashton... again great times before moving to Presentation until just after the introduction of colour in 75. As most 20 years olds do, travel beckoned and I resigned to take on the world, only to make it as far as Coffs Harbour where after some great times and plenty of surf I managed to run out of money. This is when I did the road trip with Gavin Ashton to Darwin for a stint putting the place back on-air after Tracy had knocked it down. From there to Channel 7 as a studio cameraman before once again setting my sights on travel. Success this time as I ventured to London, Europe and eventually overland back to Australia via India..... aaaarrrrhhh, the hippy trail. I met my future wife in London, and guess what, she was from Coffs Harbour. After a time in Brisbane we married and moved to Coffs where I worked as a Landscape Gardener before rejoining the television industry with Northern Rivers Television (NRN11) in 1980. Three beautiful daughters followed and it was then about family and putting down roots (Coffs, not a bad spot to put down roots I must say). However,  after a fantastic 26 years the dreaded 'R' word was uttered. Not quite ready to look at any other avenue of income we (3 of us) formed a company, Independent Productions, and to this day, due to an agreement with Southern Cross Broadcasters (ex employers), I am still working out of the same office and using the same facilities.... just minus all the nice holiday pay, super, sick pay etc.. etc.. Free to make my own decisions.... hang on, I still do work for Television clients and striving to make air time schedules for Sales people.... I'm dreamin! I firmly believe I was a part of the industry during the very good days... It's still a great industry but very different. What was serious but fun filled, creative but friendly and community minded has been replaced by a very serious financially motivated machine....  (I'm stepping off my soap box now). All in all I wouldn't swap it for anything. Here's to all the Good times and the Great people I've been fortunate enough to have had and met along the way!!!

Sally Wilson News journalist EDIT
Samantha Heathwood Newsreader EDIT
Samantha Lovejoy Kids Show Host EDIT
Samantha Ryan Production Assistant EDIT
Scott Whitney Cameraman EDIT
Sean Ryan News Cameraman EDIT
Selina Downes Journalist, Newsreader EDIT
Shan Vievers Journalist EDIT
Sharon Hunter (Fuller) Sales Secretary EDIT
Shawn Cosgrove

Presenter, Voice Artist, Race Caller. Started as Despatch Boy.

I started straight outa school in 1973, despatch and all that went with it. So grateful to get all the experience there, cameras, coordinating, directing, voice overs, race calling, hosting Make The Grade, Captain Friendlyway of the TAA Junior Flyers Club. (Now there's a title that would get you up on charges these days!)

Thanks to people like Paul Erbacher, Jack Hardy, Arthur Copeland and Mick Teys. All absolute gentlemen who gave me time, years of experience and friendship. But most of all...they gave me a go. (Apologies to so many others I have missed and who helped.)

I spent 2 1/2 years there before going to 4GR, 4BC and then to Melbourne to 3UZ, 3DB, 3KZ, GOLD fm, 3MP, The Nine Network and finally Sky Sports Radio. (There are a few return visits to some of those as well!) I was lucky enough to be the VO guy on The Price Is Right for 12 1/2 years on the Nine Network and did voice overs for Nine for many years too. I also did the warm up for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for 3 - 4 years, including the nights when we had the $1 million winners.

These days I do Mon to Fri on Sky Sports Radio into Sydney and NSW (from Melbourne...naughty), Saturdays on RSN in Melbourne and voice overs for SEN and MYMP. I have my own studio at home...I'm a vo hooker! I also have a funeral business where we produce tribute DVDs for funerals and print Mass Booklets, Orders of Service etc and also video funerals for interstate/overseas families who can't be there. Everyone's a customer! Compering balls at the Toowoomba Indoor Bowls hall has turned out to be great experience for corporate and compering work in Melbourne.

I often look back and realise the experience I gained at DDQ has helped so much down the track. Adapting to on the spot situations when recording shows etc. I think it's so sad that today there are not the same opportunities for the new crews.

Sadly I can't be there, it's Grand Final day in Melbourne, one of the busiest days of the year for me. I hope someone videos some proceedings. I really would love to see you all again.


Sherelle Klumper (Hurst) Traffic, Production, Sales, Promotions EDIT
Shirley Martin Head of Art Dept mid-late 1960's. I commenced work at DDQ in 1965 and left in late 1968 for a similar position at AMV4 Albury/Wodonga. In early 1969 I relocated to Melbourne to take up a position in the graphic art department of HSV7, where I remained until 1977. In November of that year I then moved to Sydney and commenced a career in advertising at George Pattinsons. After a variety of advertising agencies and self owned graphic design businesses, I returned to my home state of QLD in 2003 and retrained as an interior designer. I still live on the Sunshine Coast and am now retired.  EDIT
Simon Van Der Spoel

After graduating from USQ with a Journalism degree and a Media Production degree, worked as part time news editor/cam op from 2002 - 2005 and was always blathering on about WWII Spitfires and making a doco one day. Floor Managed news readers Belinda Burrows then Wendy Kingston and the ever present trackydack or shorts wearing Pat O'Shea during live news broadcasts.

Lured by Ross Dagan, went over to the enemy, Channel 7 in Townsville as a news cam op and editor in 2005. Produced, wrote, directed, edited (and shot some of) the Spitfire Guardians doco which was broadcast on the History Channel in 07, and narrated by Bud Tingwell. (Only took me five years ha!) Worked as news cam op/editor from 2005 - 2008 in Townsville before moving to Ch7 head office in Maroochydore as a Production Camera Op and Editor from 2008 - 2009. Then news wanted me back, so 2009 - 2011 worked in both Production and News as camera op/editor. Late 2011 promoted to Commercial Producer/Creative Director making TVC's. 

Still blathers on about making movies and docos. Got the concept and script for his SAS movie in front of Eric Bana at one stage,

(you might recognise some people in there!)

Turning it into an ebook as well.

Note: Spitfire Guardians has just been picked up to be broadcast nationally on Ch7.

Simone Greatz Reception EDIT
Sonya Hold EDIT
Sonya Smith (Pickering) Co-Ord, Tape Op, Cameraperson EDIT
Sonya White News Exchange (2007 to 2008) EDIT
Stacey Silver Journalist EDIT
Stan Fitzpatrick

General Manager. Started early to mid 60's. Ex Advertising in Sydney. Later moved to Academia and lectured at QUT (in 80's ??).

Had the best coffee in Toowoomba in his office.

Stan Fitzpatrick Station General Manager EDIT
Stan Owen
Chief Engineer (Original Chief Engineer.) – Ex TCN 9, Sydney
Stan Owen was the first Chief Engineer appointed by the company board. During the Easter of 1960, Stan Owen was forced to resign due to medical conditions. (He suffered a major heart attack.) Stan returned to Sydney as his family had not come to Queensland at that stage.
Stan Owen was ex TCN 9, Sydney, where he had been Supervising Engineer, in charge of the Telecine Department.
After recovering from major cardiac problems Stan Owen joined Qantas as the Engineer in charge of Electronics. He ended his working life with Qantas.
Stan Owen was responsible for the appointment of all technical staff up until his resignation.
(Stan Owen instigated the running of all program carrying cables to be installed within steel pipe ducting to help minimise induced noise. There was some discussion regarding this type of ducting and the method of controlling the joining of each section of pipe section)

Stephanie Cook Copywriter, Presenter EDIT
Stephanie Fitzpatrick Journalist EDIT
Stephen Donnelly (Stretch) Co-Ord, Tape Op EDIT
Stephen Edwards Sales Rep.   Started working with a Vision which after serious aggreg-vation became Star Televison - (a name that we used for about 2 months I think ) and left on a WINner.   Best memories are working with Rayner, Roz, Doug and prod team, Harry and the truly formidable Rose - the traffic manager.  Magic moments, Roz tesing some new pyrotechnic device in my rubbish bin, Graham hollering into the phone ''what do you mean you are in Melbourne, your supposed to be here for the sales meeting" and to meet Rusho and Wotto - oops. And last of all Wotto telling me that he was going to turn the town (Toowoomba) on its ear - lmfao.  To all the great people I worked with at 10/4/5a, thanks for everything and I hope life is smiling on you. EDIT
Steve Atkinson Cameraman, Editor, Co-Ord, tape op.  EDIT
Steve Carsley Co-Ord, Tape-Op EDIT
Steve Maw Cameraman EDIT
Stuart Cornford Chief Engineer 

See more information and memories from Stuart here.
Sue Hill Telephone Receptionist EDIT
Sue McLeod (Saide) Assistant in Tech Department in the early  ‘70’s plus a little on-air work.  Left in ‘74 to have a family.  Two sons, two daughters and  five grandchildren later, now living in Sydney working as a BAS Agent.    EDIT
Sue Page c. 1966
Susan Sollaye Production Manager, Production Secretary, Receptionist EDIT
Suzie Munro Assistant Program Manager EDIT
Tara Symons EDIT
Thomas Mayze (Dr)

1966-68: Engineering Dept (ex 4GR).

1969-70: Dept of the Army – National Service - teaching electronics in Melbourne.

1971: Back to DDQ then to MVQ6 as Chief Engineer with Ron Scott (ex DDQ) as GM.

1973: Left Television, completed medical/surgical degrees and later psychiatry….The rest is in Google.

2012: Still get nostalgic about Media at times but I know the World has changed.

Tom Forbes Journalist EDIT
Tom Hayward 1965 +  Dispatch area then  video/audio switching
Tom Hurst Janitor, Cleaner EDIT
Tom Walker Technician EDIT
Tracey Prentice Traffic EDIT
Travis McNamara Newsreader, Journalist EDIT
Trish Stapleton Program Manager's Secretary EDIT
Trisha Koury Trisha, wife of Peter, was the original secetary to Farm Fest in its early days. Now back in Oz lives in Brisbane owns " Presents of mind" Education toy shop in Paddington. EDIT
Troy Davenport Technician EDIT
V Butt c. 1966
Valmai Evans (Metcalfe) Accounts EDIT
Vicki Thompson

Kids Show Host, Weather Presenter, Programs,  Promotions, Sales.

I joined DDQ as a part time weather presenter, ended up in programs and presenting the Vicki and Rikki kids show......had some fabulous times at DDQ and met some fantastic people.

After TV I went into event management with Toowoomba Events Corporation, ended up back at WIN doing promotions, sales and news production.

I then found my way to radio, I am now the manager of ABC Radio in Toowoomba and love working for Aunty, in fact it's amazing just how many ex DDQ people work for the national broadcaster.

Vicki Wilkinson (Krause) EDIT
Wal Christmas Station Maintenance and Set construction EDIT
Wally Biggs Moved to DDQ after some time with the BBC.  Did the transmitter cycle and told great stories.  Also was a whizz making home-made ginger beer. EDIT
Walter Bruce, Jnr
Junior Technician
Walter Bruce Jnr, was the grandson of Walter Bruce, Chairman of The Toowoomba Chronicle and the Chairman of DDQ’s board.
When a vacancy became available, Walter Jnr joined the staff of DDQ 10 as a junior technician. He also became a member of the team that rotated between transmitter and studio. His 15 minutes of fame came when he "flew" one of the DDQ "mini mokes" off the Mt Mowbullan road and into the top of a gum tree. Not a pretty outcome but he lived to tell the tale. He was a keen and very good photographer/darkroom guy.

Warren Hedges Started in 1980 as day time coordinator and later as tape op (duty tech). In about 1985 I moved into Production as editor. During that time I was involved in the station's first forays into computer editing with the BVE3000 editor and handled most of the editing for 'Video 10' before they moved to Brisbane with Crown Productions. In 1989 I became Production Supervisor.
I left in 1990 because the only other option was to move to Coffs Harbour (with the retrenchment plans). I moved to Brisbane instead (Dynamic Vision Production House) in Oct 1990 and then returned to DDQ under WIN Television about 4 months later. I spent the next 18 years or so making commercials for the local market (plus an odd spattering of program work but that pretty much dried up not too long after Aggregation). In late 2008 I became Ignite superuser and was responsible for implementing the workflows necessary to transition to the automated news production system that is currently in use. In 2009 I moved to the University of Southern Queensland in their Audiovisual Services Department.
Wayne Mann Sales Rep EDIT
Wayne McIntosh News team in the 80’s and 90’s with Caroline Barlow EDIT
Wendy Kingston Journalist, Newsreader EDIT
Wendy Nye Journalist EDIT
Wendy Tews Receptionist EDIT
Wendy Wormwell Sales Rep - Warwick late 80’s. “TBW” Now lives on the Sunshine Coast. EDIT