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22 memorable years!
Some fond memories:Inebriated Chief Engineer getting out of the OB Van on the road south of Kingaroy very late one night to relieve himself and promptly ... more

A fire in the appliance?
It was back in 1979, when I was a young and obviously rather naive telecine operator, when an incident occurred that to this day is indelibly etched in my mind....the day I wet my pants in uncontrollable laughter.  It was shaping up to be a normal day shift at DDQ, with ... more

And it's good night from Channel 10 ...
In the mid 60s, when the station used to cease transmission at about 10.30 each evening, the closing announcements were always accompanied by the same piece ... more

Apple & Grape madness
I am sure Craig Berkman will remember the Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival. One year we were asked to demonstrate the fine art of crushing grapes with our feet. All ... more

B-O-O-O-B (Pronounced as a long Bob)
Television was exciting in the middle 60’s. DDQ was a fully operational station and everything was live.
As station announcer I would sit in the voice-over booth,
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Bicentennial Black-mail
In 1988 we were flown to Darwin and then drove south to Daly Waters. During the 5 days there we went for a swim at Mataranka Springs. There was no one around so I ... more


If it was a slow news day back in the second half of the 1960, you grabbed the phone, dialed the council chambers and said, "Hey Jack, it's a slow day up here...have

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DDQ operations at risk as four staff members face 'Nasho'
Towards the end of 1966, a very worried general manager paced his office. Four young men from various areas of station were liable for call-up under the ... more

DDQ scores well with ACS accreditation
Australian Cinematographers Society Accreditation

It's been  interesting to note that several former DDQ news cameramen have advanced in their film-making ... more


DDQ acquired its first video recorder in 1967.   Despite being transistorised and costing $18,000, It wasn't a `pukka' recorder, according to broadcast standards

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Drive-In Theatres
DDQ also owned and operated four of the region’s drive-in theatres. The Oakey drive-in was managed and staffed by a lady herein after called “The Bosses
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Dull Cote
Dull Cote - I think that was what it was called - was a pressure pack spray for taking the shine off glossy items that could cause specular highlights. The ... more

Ease Bleed
It was a pressure pack spray. Ease Bleed, only ever saw it at DDQ, in the medical cabinet of course. In times of turmoil the phrase "Pass the Ease Bleed ... more

Fire Alarm
Paul Ament could be a rogue. 
One day David Pennycuick was expanding his knowledge by wanting to see what was inside a rectifier block. It was a small epoxy filled
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Footy coverage c 1965
In the 60s, if you were duty cameraman/reporter on a Sunday afternoon in winter, there's a fair bet that you'd wind up covering the rugby league game ... more

Grapple and Rape Ball
 Maybe late 70's? After the guys had spend hours setting up all the studio lights plus the big studio cameras in the Town Hall in Stanthorpe, a Commitee ... more

How to destroy a new OB Van.

The first DDQ video tape OB Van was in 1967 and was a Mazda “Bongo Van”. Very cramped complete with helical scan (?Sony) video tape and a Vidicon camera

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Hysterical Association

In the mid-60s the Queensland Women’s Historical Association was very active in researching and locating pioneer graves on properties to the west of

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I Can Adlib The First Story, But...
Why we were running late compiling the news I don’t recall, but we were.   The stories were, as usual, being laid out in order on a newsroom table and, as
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Kids shows of the 80-'s
Jenny (Mackie) allowed me a last minute audition to present a segment on the afternoon children's show with Debbie and Kylie - Spalsh I think it was called. ... more

Live Shows
In its early days DDQ used to produce a lot of local shows: Kids' show, Sports Roundup, Rural Report and local member of parliament and mayor of Toowoomba ... more

Local commercials....
From time to time in the 60s, at least, the newsroom guys also shot the film for locally produced commercials. Apart from making the news team one person short ... more

My Highlights Shawn Cosgrove

Highlights!   Many...some of them fit for here!

Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival, bloody freezing and Denny Fachin and I slept in a phone booth in the main street

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New Genset
One Monday after a bad weekend of storms, it was found that the generator attached to the old Nissan engine at the station was completely blown up by
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Rent An OB Van?
I was sent down to check out an OB van we could rent from Stuart Cornford to cover a football game. Turned out it was actually two wrecked vans welded together, locked ... more

Shoot The Babies
The newsroom in the second half of the 60’s consisted of two reporter/cameramen and a lovely typist we called Dixie.  Then we grew in number by one when a
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Some lessons learnt.
DDQ was a wonderful place to test out new ideas, new technologies and new programs.  It was also place where I could learn from my mistakes - and there were many. ... more


Geoff Gold was one of our staff people in the early days of DDQ (early 1960s) and Geoff owned a ski boat.   Apart from staff tennis nights, a group of us were p

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When I drew the weekend sports filming straw it usually entailed the local horse races.   These were usually shot from an empty steward's box at the finish

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Television Queen
One of my funniest moments was when a viewer wrote to the station asking for permission to write a song for me. Ned Fenton from Nanango had composed a multi-versed country song in his garden ... more

The poor weather girls
How cruel we could be in pres. In the mid 70's The Weather Report was placed at the end of the National Nine News before A Current Affair. From the telex s ... more

What a Terrible Mess
At one stage during my years at 10, 4 there was a 30 minute programme called `Top Town Quest’.   Talent from surrounding towns came to the studio for the live
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What a start.
The News Editor sent me on my first assingment. A school athletics day at Boys Prep. Off I went trembling with excitement, a hand held Bell and Howell ... more

Worms, wheelchairs and aerobatics
One of the first stories I was asked to cover for the news was the Combantrim Cup. I was thrilled to bits until I found out it was the annual worm races. I remember doing a report on wheelchair ... more

Worst Moment in my TV Career!
I will be forever thankful for the fantastic first 4 years of my TV life at DDQ. Great people, great fun, and wonderful memories, except for this one! ... more

You don't have to be a 'Robert' but it helps.
In 1966, with a total staff of 34, there were six whose given name was 'Robert', and all used the shortened form 'Bob'.   Bob Fry, Bob Smart, Bob Perry, Bob ... more