Reunion Party

It all happened Saturday September 29!

A big thank you to all those people who braved the cold, wet conditions to make the reunion a truly memorable occasion. Luckily the warmth of our friends and colleagues more than made up for the weather.
Please share your thoughts and photos of the occasion -

Thanks to everyone for such a great night!!
A special thanks to Tom and Doreen.
Warren Hedges - 30/09/2012 Add a comment
What a privilege to meet some of the first generation staff who were there in the beginning and to hear your stories first hand.  I would like the evening all over again so I could talk to the people with whom I missed the opportunity.  It was also great to catch up with many of the past DDQ staff that were there in my time and talk about the good old days!

Thanks Warren for your fantastic efforts to help pull all of this together, and to Garry for hosting this great event.  A big thanks also to Tom, Doreen and Karl (and any other helpers) for cooking those great snags.  I feel privileged to be a part of this special group of people, and like so many others have said, to have experienced some of the best years of our working lives during that innocent and exciting era of regional television.  
David King - 30/09/2012 Add a comment
Wazza you are a legend. Thank you for pulling this event together. It was such a joy to meet up with people I haven't seen for many, many years. I feel so grateful to have worked with so many talented, professional people during my forty-something year association with DDQ and it is a great joy for me to regard many of them as friends and all of them as part of this truly unique family. To everyone of you I say "thank you for the wonderful memories and whether you call the place DDQ, 10-4-5a, GET, Vision or WIN - you all rock!"
Doug Sternes - 30/09/2012 Add a comment
Thank you to Gary for hosting such a wonderful reunion and to Warren for his tremendous effort and for always keeping us up to date.  Also thanks to everyone involved with the reunion including those lovely hard-working people who provided us with a great BBQ meal.  It was an unexpected pleasure to have been invited to "cut the birthday cake" - thank you so much.  Best wishes everyone.
Roslyn Young - 02/10/12 - 02/10/2012 Add a comment