OB Van
The station became involved in a lot of Outside Broadcasts (OB’s) and we introduced the microwave link to the exercise, so many were live. The Carnival of Flowers was live from then on. 
DDQ also celebrated its 21st birthday with a large telethon in “Frog Hollow” of Queens Park. Several of Australia’s top entertainers were to feature and BTQ-7’s OB van was hired for the event. A Southern Cross tank tower, some 16 metres high, was erected to mount a microwave link to be able to look over the tree tops to the station and a complete set of demountable buildings were set up as dressing rooms for the talent, complete with running water sewerage and electricity. The main event was staged in a very large tent hired from a church.
DDQ’s OB van was involved very often with the Brisbane stations for large spread out sporting events such as Golf where a large number of cameras were needed. These weren’t always without incident. On one occasion a very nasty thunderstorm moved in. Everyone was ordered to hold their positions until finally the pro golfers gave up and it started to bucket down. Then there was a huge flash and crack of thunder and one of the DDQ cameramen, Cole McIntyre and his camera were struck by lightning. Cole survived, but the camera had all the image pre-amplifiers blown up.

Stuart Cornford
Remember this it was Palm Meadows course, Cole ripped his Bluecom box off his hip because the chrome belt clip had got so hot from the strike it was burning him.Greg Norman was on our green so we were told to stay put.I was standing in ankle deep water when lightning  struck and received a shock.My straight hair was curly for a couple of days.  
Chris Wren - 26/09/2012 Add a comment
I was on a scissor lift that day in bare feet because my shoes were filling up with rain, when the lightning hit , I felt a shock -Just as Greg Norman was getting ready to play I think I said something like " Golly Gosh! (Might have been something else) we've been hit" and Greg Dropped his club and moved swiftly for a shed - probably the only time Greg Norman didn't abuse a cameraman for saying something!
Lance Tews - 27/09/2012 Add a comment