Bolex H16
A wonderful camera. Clockwork (wind-up), taking 100 ft loads. About 30 seconds filming per wind-up. Reflex viewing and focusing. A delight to film with.  Bob Hargreaves owned the one he used. The rest of us coveted it.
I remember traveling to Goondiwindi to film Shaun Cosgrove at the celebrations for the retirement of "Gunsynd", the famous race horse.
I used the Bolex on that job, as you my notice in the attached photo.
The one thing I am happy about this photo was that it is B&W, because you would NOT believe the colour of the clothes I was wearing. The flairs were mauve, the shirt was purple paisley, cream crevat and purple boots! OMG!

Gary Schweikert - 20/08/2012 Add a comment