Richmond Hill Vision Switchers
For many years, DDQ used Richmond Hill Production and Presentation switchers.  One of each with very few spares.  These were the heart of both the production and presentation operations and when they went down, everything went down.  Fortunately, they were quite reliable, and good to work on. These two switchers took up one entire equipment rack, such was the level of integration in those days.

David King

We only had one chroma-key option that was shared between them. The week-end sports show was done for a while in pres, hence the chroma-key was taken out of the studio switcher and plugged into the pres switcher.

I did like the 'touch to preview' key adjustment knob. No other brand switcher had the same concept, instead you had to hold a button down to see key preview.

Dave Powell - 11/09/2012 Add a comment