1988 - One of the Busiest years for DDQ Production.
1988 was the year of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations, the year Brisbane hosted World Expo, and the year DDQ changed channels from VHF band 3 channel 10 to the dreaded VHF band 1 channel 0.  It was an incredibly busy year for both the production and the engineering departments.  This pictured article from the local paper captures the essence of the year, highlighting the work performed by a small crew from a small television station that was mixing it up with the best.  I remember at World Expo, the sight of multiple huge Outside Broadcast trucks from the various networks all lined up end to end, and sandwiched in between two of them was a little Toyota Coaster bus from DDQ Toowoomba which just happened to be broadcasting live to the biggest television network in Japan...NHK.  I was the OB supervisor at the time and had never felt pressure like it before.

David King