1962 - DDQ On Air
Friday 13 July, 1962. DDQ 10 began transmission.
Program content started at 8.00 PM, and went through to 11.00 PM
The station broadcasting program hours were from Midday until 11.0 PM each day of the week.
Transmitter site was manned on a three week rotational cycle with studio. Manned by senior technician and junior technician each rotation.
Basic living facilities – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/living room, downstairs laundry facility and emergency power generator. – Old Leyland 6 cylinder diesel bus engine.
All food and living supplies had to be purchased and taken with crew on each trip.
Meat purchased from butcher at Maclagen on way to transmitter.
International four wheel drive vehicle – Scout. Failed after short time due to condition of roads.
Replaced by Ford panel van. It was replaced with a modified Mini Moke
Bogging in winter was common. Accident with local postman on mountain road
Walter Bruce Jnr rolled Moke down hillside on returning early evening to Toowoomba. Was lucky to be alive – no serious injuries but Moke was a write-off.
Transmitter tower approximately 250 feet height at Mount Mowbullen.
During winter months snow was quite often present for a few days before melting.
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