Kid's Show
From the very beginning there has been a kid's show.
Started in 1962 as the Channel 10 Juniors, airing Mon-Thurs at 5:30pm With Gail Jefferies (Felgenhouer). It Featured free swap cards, story books, competitions, valuable prizes, games and give-aways.
Bill Hills and Neil Phillipson featured as Dot and Dash the clowns.

In Feb 1964, Andrea Meehan took over from Gail.
By 1967 the Kid's Show was called "Bar 10/4 Roundup" and went to air Mon-Fri at 4pm. The host at that time was Kay Dean with Bill Hills. Kay also did a TAA Junior Flyers segment.
By 1977 Jill Ray was hosting the show with Peter Koury as "Ebenezer G Dragon". When Peter left, Ebenezer's uncle came to stay as "Uncle Eb" and was played by Errol Morrison.
In November, 1980 Kylie Wormwell took over the hosting role. 
Somewhere in the early 80's the show became the Deb and Eb show with Debbie Turner at the helm.
Sam Lovejoy, Gary Clare, and Milinda Witt hosted "RATS - Really Amazing Television Show" in the mid 80's and Vicki Thompson took over hosting the show in 1986.
In August of that year the rascally rodent, "Ricky the Rat" joined the show. Ricky was played by Rod Warren who was the station's newsreader at the time.
The show finally folded with the advent of Aggregation in 1991.
Pic of Ebenezer on the Supa-Value store taken at the Apple & Grape Festival, Stanthorpe

Twice in '76 or '77 Ebenezer's cousin visited, I can't remember his name. To create this, Peter scripted the session and left gaps for the cousin's replies. The puppet was dressed with glasses and a totally different look and then chroma-keyed in. The cousin was magic and he could disappear or lose part of his body, simple chroma-key mix and dissolve did this.


Turning the clock back much earlier to the mid-sixties, I do remember Ian Leslie hosting TAA Junior Flyers.

Dave Powell - 25/09/2012 Add a comment
Somewhere in the 80's Kylie Wormwell and Peter Carey joined Deb (after Eb I think) to present "SPLASH". This had a bit of everything, from gardening segments for kids to music clips
Peter Carey - 25/09/2012 Add a comment
I was a reporter for RATS and hosted the show once, was a lot of fun. Nikki
Nikki - 06/04/2016 Add a comment