The Carnival of Flowers
Without a doubt, one of the most popular broadcasts DDQ would do each year was the coverage of the Carnival of Flowers parade.  In the early days this was done as a highlights package that was aired after the event.  This progressed to a delayed telecast often with only an hour turn around as tapes recorded in the outside broadcast van were rushed back up to the station for telecast.  Then  we progressed to live telecasts using multi-hop microwave link installations beaming the signals into the station live for immediate telecast.  In those innocent days before aggregation, the internet and  modern generation media savvy consumers, these humble telecasts delighted the region's residents, particularly the elderly or those in hospital or homes, who could not make it to see the parade first hand.  These were the things that local television stations did back in those days.  Here are some happy snaps from those carnival OBs.

David King
David refers to the Carnival of Flowers being shot in the early days as a highlights package that was aired after the event.  This photo from 1966 - the colour has not held up well - shows Bob Hargreaves giving the commentary as the procession is filmed on the Auricon CineVoice camera. The camera took 100-foot loads of film for a running time of two minutes and forty seconds. Then change film.  Lotsa luck!  The location is on top of the building awning on the north-west corner of the intersection of Ruthven and Margaret Streets.
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