No Tree for Christmas

Somehow I managed to talk Laurie burrows into letting me Produce a Kids Christmas story I had written with Peter Koury into a TV program. He supplied the OB Van and Paul Erbacher, Mike Erbacher, Jennie Mackie and Cole Macintyre and over a week of shooting with local actors and volunteers, and nearly a year editing whenever we could with Cole, it was finally aired in Oct 1980. I recall the office staff ripping up alfoil for me to make the magic "stuff" that shrunk the children. Again we scrounged just about everything and it may be memorable, or not, as the first production that well know Qld actor Chris Betts was in, whilst studying drama at USQ.   Even at the time, it was full of holes from a production point of view, but I believe it was the first "Drama" program produced by Darling Downs TV. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

Errol R J Morrison