This is the news from Channel 10

In about mid-1965, DDQ expanded its news bulletins from ten minutes (including weather) at 6.20pm, following the relay of national and state news from QTQ-9 Brisbane, to include an extra three news spots each evening.

And unlike some stations might have done – simply recycling news film from the 6.20 bulletin – DDQ endeavored to have a new film item in each of the later bulletins.

The Toowoomba Chronicle ran a nearly-full page broadsheet (remember when it was a broadsheet?) feature on these changes. The item was accompanied by eight photographs.

My clipping has not stood the passage of time particularity well. The newsprint has yellowed, and part of the page has been damaged, I'll try to reproduce as best I can the remaining bits,
but the rather coarse screening on the halftone images has led to some odd artifacts on some of the them.

The text begins:


Queensland's first provincial TV station, DDQ Channel 10, this week introduced important additions to its news service.

Three local bulletins are now telecast each night – at 7.30, 8.30 and 9.30 – in addition to the 6.20 evening news.

Items are drawn from local sources as the news becomes available, and telecast together with additional film segments.

The new service is known as 'Newsbeat.'

The Channel 10 news division is now totally self-contained. Its members are responsible for filming, processing, scriptwriting, directing and reading the news. Chief newsreader is Bob Hargreaves.

About seven film stories from Toowoomba and surrounding country centres are handled daily. Two daily processing runs are made to cope with normal film footage. The processing machine, however, is ready for use at all times to process any emergency film.

Operating in total darkness, it can handle up to 1000ft of film in one run.

If the need arose, a story could be filmed and processed, a script written and the film-story telecast in 40 minutes.

Two station vehicles are equipped with radio to allow instant communication with the station, enabling immediate coverage of news items as they arise.

Earlier last year, Channel 10 made another important step in its news service when it began an off-air relay of state and national news from Channel 9, Brisbane.

Special equipment was freighted from Germany to allow this service to be put into operation.

Both additions are consistent with the station's announced policy of providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive news service available.


The attached scans of the photos that accompanied the article have, insofar as is possible, the captions that accompanied them in the Chronicle story. In a couple of instances, I've had to reconstruct them from the bits still extant. The caption numbering gives an idea of their placement on the page.

Bob Pounds

1.Back in the newsroom after an assignment, Ian Leslie discusses the story he has filmed with Bob Hargreaves. The story is compiled while the film is processed. Diane Horn, meanwhile, obtains details of another story from a country centre.
2. An integral part of Channel 10's news service is on-the-spot interviews with a mobile news unit. Here, Ian fires the questions while Bob Hargreaves films.
3. Bob Pounds has been with the station for almost six months. One of his recent assignments was to cover the opening of the State RSL Congress in Toowoomba.
4. Bob Pounds is also responsible for the film processing.  This machine processes, washes and dries the film in preparation for screening.  It can handle 100 ft in 20 minutes.
5. After the film has been edited it is checked with the script so time.... (bit missing). [Rhys Morris is the person peering over the clipboard]
6. A member of the division directs each news [bulletin] from the master control room. (bit missing) with program co-ordinator Sadie Dunkerton and audio operator John McLeod.
7. And this is the news from Channel 10.  Bob Hargreaves reads the evening bulletin from his studio desk, facing a monitor and remote-comtrolled camera.
8. After the news.... Weather girl Andrea Meehan prepares her chart from information supplied by telegram from the Brisbane Weather Bureau.