Neil Batterham
Audio Guru, Cameraman.( I didn't write that) My first freelance assignment was in 1985 when Bruce Mcquiggan picked me up from near Allora to record a church choir singing Christmas carols. I plugged in a Sennheiser ME80 mic and put it on a stand. Tricky stuff! I started full time later that year after repeated requests from Rod Warren to have a full time audio operator. Thanks Rod! I had my initiation behind a camera after all of the production camermen were sick on the same day!  I filmed and edited a story with the fire chief for RATS, the Really Amazing Television Show. It was crap but I had a ball doing it.  I worked as a News camerman from 1990-1995 and then left for QTV production. I went into sales in 2005 and left in 2009 when Macquarie Radio bought Scouthern Cross Ten. I now am in sales at 7 Toowoomba. I must say over the years I have realised that traffic staff, whom are mostly female, are some of the most reliable, hard working and trustworthy humans I have ever met. Luckily I married one...Helen (Cant).