Jill Ray-Black

Kids Show Presenter - I remember my audition for the Childrens show very clearly.  I was in year 11 at Mt Lofty High (Toowoomba State High) and in my biology class when the head mistress informed me I had an appointment at 10/4/5a.  That was the end of that class !!

I arrived at the station in my new red coloured dress feeling very nervous and excited.  I remember seeing Bill Hills in the corridor and thinking 'WOW, that's Bill Hills' !!! Imagine when I was introduced to Arthur Copeland "Scoop" - my legs felt like jelly. 

Everyone at the station was always welcoming & not afraid of sharing skills.   I learnt a lot about many fields of television, thanks to talented staff members.  I soon became a Jill of all trades (operated camera, audio, videotape machines, Promotions, presenter of weather, community events etc).  That title of 'Jill of all trades' has given me the confidence in life to give things a go which I am still doing. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing the many faces of the past & sharing a few stories that will bring back some fond memories and laughs. 

Started at DDQ 10/4/5a as a 15yo and changed my life.  Presented the children's show, the weather report, learnt to operate camera, audio, video tape and anything else anyone was prepared to show me.  Worked with sensenational people, had the opportunity to travel all over the viewing area & see things to effect my life forever. Looking forward to catching up and trying to match names with faces.   
Jill Ray-Black - 18/07/2012 Add a comment