Peter Carey
Children's show host, voice overs. Have a great day/night...  sorry I can't make it.
Jenny (Mackie) allowed me a last minute audition to present a segment on the afternoon children's show with Debbie and Kylie - Spalsh I think it was called. I must have scrubbed up well in Harry's white coat. I initially presented a gardening segment where we planted peanuts, vegies etc and eventually someone suggested I through to the music segments. One of those unforgettable moments came at the newly opened K'Mart, when this young boy yelled to his mum... "Mummy, there is the man from the TV"  Of course I looked around to see who he was shouting about, only to find him standing in front of me pointing!!  So very different than just being a voice behind a microphone in radio.  Although I still have a great face to television.
Peter Carey - 25/09/2012 Add a comment